An Incongruent Picture

We came from a country like this…

And moved to a country where they had this…

In both places, people seem to mostly care about this…

And yet our new next door neighbor looks like this…

All is not right in the world.

I usually work hard to keep the content of this blog light-hearted and focused on the “Signs of Hope” that I see all around. But sometimes I think we need a wake-up call.

There is a lot of good. And a lot of beauty. And a lot of hope. If I didn’t focus on those things, I probably couldn’t keep going.

But there’s also a lot of brokenness. And a lot of hurt. And a lot of evil. And if we don’t fight those things, who will?

I know I’m mostly preaching to the choir. Many of you are adopting. You’re giving. You’re working hard on behalf of the forgotten, the helpless, and the abandoned. You are building His Kingdom.

But if you’re not, my prayer is that you will wake from your slumber.

Because in the end, this…

…is a whole lot more important than this.

20 thoughts on “An Incongruent Picture

  1. Very well said, Carrie. I join you in praying that eyes will be opened and hearts will be changed. We'd all be broken a little more easily if we were surrounded by children like darling Hannah on a daily basis. Thank you for reminding us that there's a whole lot more going on than just the affluence we see around us. May God continue to bless you and the others serving with you!


  2. Yes and Amen…I got chills all over…
    lest we forget what REALLY is important…
    Thank you Carrie
    Thank you for loving on these babies with your arms while we love on them in our hearts…waiting on the day we too can wrap our arms around them…


  3. Well said!
    Thank you for reminding us all what is most important, AND what is our Father's desire for us… to care for widows and orphans.
    We are lifting up the least of these daily, sometimes even hourly.
    Thank you for all you do!


  4. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but this is my first time commenting. I find it amazing how you are able to put to words what is on my mind. (I'm currently working on a post that says much of the same!) My husband and I are praying to see where God will take us after we bring home our sweet Darcy. I'd love to meet you someday, who knows, maybe we'll be in China working along side you…


  5. Amen Sister! I know if I would let her Elisabeth would find a way to come and live with you and Jacob. Her heart is in China…her heart is for orphans.

    I am so sad to leave my big kids in a few days but in some ways I am so thankful to take Lottie and Emma away from America. I join you in prayer also my friend.


  6. Well spoken yet again, Carrie! God has blessed you with an amazing gift of writing.

    We have been praying for dear Hannah and the other new children that just arrived, trying to be prayer partners and stand in the gap for all of you who give so much to serve these precious little angels. Thank you for this post and for shining the light of perspective on what is REALLY important and measurable in life!

    I can't wait until the day that you get to post a praise report on sweet Hannah…I know that our Lord will deliver! She reminds me so much of how sweet Evan looked at the turn of the year…and look at him now! I trust that she will make it through, too…and praying that her forever family is already out there looking for her!! God is faithful!!<><


  7. AMEN!!!

    Now how do we get your post on FOX, CNN, and the like?

    I cannot fathom why so many people put the things of this world over God's children? It breaks my heart that we are barely making a 'dent' by adopting Evan…there are so many more to be helped and loved.

    Thank you for being salt and light to these children (my son!) and so many others around the world.

    There is hope for each one of the orphans in the world, especially through you.


  8. I am full of chills right now also!!! Thank you Carrie for a very powerful post!! You are an inspiration to me!! Afriend of mine who adipted a NSN child 4 years ago is going back for a SN child. One of the needs she is open to now and said she wouldn't have been before is the need my daughter has. It makes me feel so good that Gods placementof our daughter in our lives has moved this family!!!Your post will touch many people!!!!


  9. So very true and very well said! I am going to send a few friends to this post to remind them what truly matters. I've been praying for sweet Hannah since the arrivals post you made. She touched my heart!

    Heather (FL)


  10. Yes and AMEN!
    I have chills!
    Bring on the blessings Lord, bring the inheritance You give us in the gift of children!
    Cars will rust and fall apart but these little souls have ETERNAL value!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. A visitor I am today but soon to become a follower.

    The depths of despair in this world is hard to fathom in our comfortable lives.

    Thank you for this honest cry of hope for those whose cries are drowned out by our abundance and ignorance.



  12. Thank you for the reminder about what is important.
    I still can't believe I'm going to miss meeting you by one day. I am getting very excited for my trip to New Day.

    Hope you enjoy your time in the states 🙂

    Dawn Rentmeester


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