Addison Update

I’m taking a break from my blogging hiatus to bring you this short update…

Several people have asked me how Addison’s surgery went. She did very well. It was a long surgery (9 hours), but our staff said the whole thing went so smoothly and that they’d never had such peace during a surgery before. She’s been released from the hospital now, so she’s back at the foster home to continue her recovery. We attribute all of this to the prayers she received… thank you for lifting her up. Since our kids don’t have parents, they don’t always have people who stand in the gap for them when they’re up against these difficult hurdles. I’ve just spent a week with my first niece, sweet little 5-month-old Haven, and I can’t imagine her having to go through a surgery without her mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, and uncles by her side. For the children in our foster home, you are their aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. With your prayers, you fill the role of their moms and dad. You may not be at their side while they are recovering, but your prayers sustain them and get them through these valleys. So thank you for taking this responsibility so seriously.
My brother and his wife came into town for the weekend, and so we’re now having a mini-family-reunion with my side of the family. I need to do a blog post about the reunion we had with Jacob’s family last week. It was great. I’m hoping my sister-in-law Jane will write a post on her blog. She does humorous way better than I do… and there’s really no other way to talk about the intentional bike wrecking and intense overeating that served as the hallmarks of the M. family reunion.
Now – I’m back to my blogging hiatus. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Addison Update

  1. Hi Carrie. Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying your trip home. Nothing like home, huh? Bet you are missing the kiddo's though. Thank you for posting about Addison. We are and have been praying for her surgery and recovery to go smoothly. Enjoy your hiatus!!!


  2. Family renunions are great! We have a close-knit family, as well…and I currently have a house full of family (they are all in bed, but I snuck away to catch up on some 'reading' before catching some Z's!)…anyway, it's always so much fun to get all of us siblings together…such a hoot! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your trip and know that we are always praying and standing in the gap for those precious kiddos…it's the LEAST of which we can do! <>< Blessings and Hugs,


  3. Thanks for the update on Addison and a reminder how important our prayers are. We in the blog world miss you! 🙂 But I hope you both are having a wonderful time here Stateside. I'm sure it is going so very, very fast and it's like 2 worlds that at times pull at you fiercly.

    I can't imagine any of those children having to go get regular shots on their own let alone what they are facing. Makes me want to be right there for them! Oh my goodness!

    Blessings to you both


  4. Thank you for the update on Addison! We rejoice in her successful surgery and continue to pray for a full and speedy recovery. It is an honor to stand in the gap for the children at the foster home…I kinda like the idea of being their “Auntie Tara”! Enjoy the remainder of your trip–we look forward to seeing you soon!



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