A Prayer and a Praise

A Prayer…

Little Judah’s heart condition is quite serious. His operation can’t be done in China, and we consulted with a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in the USA. That cardiologist said that there probably isn’t a good surgical outcome for Judah. His condition is so serious that it can’t be corrected by surgery, so surgery would give him no better quality of life… only worse.

So, we now know that surgery probably isn’t an option for sweet baby Judah. But a miracle is. So, that’s what we’re praying for. He’s in a fight for life, though. Right now he’s in the PICU with severe pneumonia, a common problem for heart babies.

Will you please pray for Judah?

A Praise…

You probably won’t believe that this is the same little girl as in this post. From July to now, Hannah has gained 6 pounds and completed her first heart surgery. She’s already improved so much, and we know it’s only going to get better and better.

Thank you for your prayers. Clearly they were heard!

6 thoughts on “A Prayer and a Praise

  1. Carrie we have been praying for Judah…God's little lion…all throughout the day today. He is weighing heavy on our hearts. I just remember what Psalm 139 says and that God wrote that for Judah as much as He wrote it for me and you.
    God is still very much in the miracle making business and if He so chooses, Judah will be healed on earth!!!!!!!! We are praying and believing and trusting!
    And just look at the miracle sparkling in Hannah's eyes! What a testimony to our Jehovah Rapha!
    We're praying for you all…


  2. We are praying for a miracle for Judah, and praising God for Hannah's improvement! I'm so glad we have aGod who cares for each one of these kids personally, that He knows them by name, and that He is the Great Physician!


  3. It's good to see these two children paired together in the same post…Hannah (as well as so many of the other children) is a wonderful reminder of God's power to heal! We are praying HARD for precious little Judah, and praising God for the wonderful transformation we've seen in Hannah!


  4. Oh this just breaks my heart but we all know that miracles are not rare….Jairus believed and fell at Jesus' feet to heal his daughter..not only did He heal her but He brought her back from the dead. I am on my knees for this most precious child of God.

    As for Hannah….Praise God for whom all blessings flow!


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