A Good Day for Icecream

Thanks to one of our blogging friends who wanted to sponsor a field trip for our children, all of our oldest kids got to go play in a park in Beijing and then go eat a hot dog and a blizzard at DQ!

My partner-in-crime for the day was none other than Ms. Julia!

She was so excited about eating ice cream for lunch. (She conveniently forgot the hot dog part.) On the way to town, she leaned out the window the whole way, catching the warm breeze in her face like a puppy. It is corn harvest time around here, and as we passed by corn field after corn field, she’d point to them and proudly announce that it belonged to her foster family and that she was helping them shuck the corn. She really thinks her foster family owns all the corn in the countryside.

When it was finally time for the ice cream (after a hot dog and a half!), she ended up eating half of an M&M Blizzard AND a vanilla cone. We bought so much ice cream that DQ threw in a few extra cones for free. Somehow Julia ended up with one. She was double-fisting it. Like she needed that much ice cream. And on the way home she told me she was hungry! That’s Julia for you!

While we were in the park, we came across a group of older people who were playing instruments and singing. I’ve always loved the sound of the Erhu, a traditional Chinese instrument. It only has two strings, yet it sounds so complex!

The older people in the musical group were quite funny… Since many of the grown-ups were foreign, they also thought the children were foreign, and they were quite excited about that. When I broke the news that the children were Chinese, they were still a bit intrigued and wanted a picture with all of us.

Michelle and Lindsay – This is post is for you! 😉

7 thoughts on “A Good Day for Icecream

  1. Oh, I know the special couple that blessed the kiddos with that fun little fieldtrip…so sweet! (no pun intended!!)

    Thanks for sharing this and for posting the video, too…it's so fun to hear some of the music/culture around there. What a fun day!!

    God bless! <><


  2. Who knew they had DQ in China? I think it's finally safe for me to make a trip knowing that food group is covered 🙂 It is so sweet to see kids eating ice cream! And I really enjoyed seeing Elizabeth and how much healthier she looks since April/May! And can I also mention that I am SO happy to assume/see that Adam has a new name … meaning he has been matched with a family???!!! I am so happy for him. And not that each and every child isn't a blessing, but some just ping your heart in an instant and he is one of those for mine. So happy. Thanks for sharing the trip!


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