Our Life in a List

  • Jill asked to see pictures from the wedding. You can see some here. I did the flowers and anything else that was beribboned. I can seriously go crazy with a roll of ribbon. I didn’t take any pictures of the wedding, though. So the ones on the other blog are the only ones I have. It was a beautiful wedding — a true east meets west celebration. The ceremony was very western and the reception very Chinese… and they had quite possibly the best send off I have ever seen at a wedding. First there were confetti cannons (very Chinese), then there was an aisle of people throwing flower petals (very western), followed by fireworks that went off at just the right moment (very Chinese)… the whole courtyard was awash in the light of red lanterns… it really was beautiful!
  • In the “food for thought” category, I’d encourage you to go read this article entitled The Christian Paradox: How a Faithful Nation Gets Jesus Wrong in Harper’s Magazine. While I think the author arguably overstates a few of his points, his core message is something that I think we Christians should seriously consider. (Interesting side note: You’ll notice the article is several years old – though arguably still very relevant. I first found this article a week or so ago linked on the blog of a woman who referenced it as a good description of the reasons why she is not a Christian.
  • In the “sorry to be a downer” category, this story in the LA Times also caught my attention recently. It makes me so sad — everything can be corrupted. I also watched a video recently where an adoption coordinator from a well-known agency in the USA was going through an Ethiopian village announcing that if anyone wanted to send their child to America, they’d be there for “one day only” to take relinquishment papers. It gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. The line between providing much-needed families for orphans and providing a market for a get-rich-quick scheme can sometimes be shockingly thin.
  • In exciting foster home news this week, we found out the Madeline and Cameron have both been matched with adoptive families. That’s always wonderful news. And I start getting curious about who is going to take their places when they leave… Madeline will be going to France and Cameron to Sweden. I think it is amusing that we named her Madeline and that now she’s going to France… prophetic, maybe?! 🙂
  • We are quickly approaching the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PR of C. The big shebang is October first. Things always get a little weird around this time of year — more so this year than before due to the fact that it is the 60th anniversary. Nothing dangerous… things are just more sensitive and tight than normal, and normal is more sensitive and tight than we’re used to as Americans. It’s things like — they stopped selling knives (of any sort) because someone was stabbed in Beijing last week; there are checkpoints everywhere; as foreigners we’ve been asked to “lay low” and avoid unnecessary attention, etc. So please just think about us during this time — that we will remain safe, protected, and shielded from any trouble.
  • The positive side to October holiday is a week of no work! I’m excited about a week to just chill at our apartment, reading, resting, and recharging. Lately we’ve both been feeling so tired and worn out… I think sometimes we spread ourselves too thin, and I find myself craving quiet and peace. I know I’m not the only one.
  • This list is getting too long, so I’m just going to cap it off with a picture of a cute kid. Because that’s what we specialize in here. Consider it your reward for getting to the end of this post. And just so you know, the cherub with the deliciously chubby cheeks is Melody.

10 thoughts on “Our Life in a List

  1. Loving the list, it's fun to read. You did a great job on the wedding flowers. They're so pretty. I'm not surprised Victoria wanted to be close to the bride. That's so cute and so girly.


  2. So happy for Madeline and Cameron… I seen that they were matched. It's always fun hearing where they are going! 🙂 That photo of Madeline at the wedding was absolutely stunning…she is a little beauty, for sure!!

    We will be praying for God's hedge of protection to surround you all and keep you safe. Thanks for sharing your 'life in a list' with us… it always helps me know how to pray.

    Have a blessed weekend! <><


  3. I read the article you mentioned from the LA Times … it made me so very frustrated. It was beyond sad and made me so disgusted with people. It just kept going on and on and on … I thought I would never get to the end of it. And when I did it just hung on me like something so heavy and disappointing. But as you mentioned, anything can be corrupted and it doesn't change the fact that there ARE children who need families, aren't there?! Yes, unfortunately enough. I pray that honest people will step forward to protect the innocent little ones. So not right that people can even think to do such awful things to families and children.


  4. Wow, there are a lot of big events happening in your corner of the world!!! I think you need your upcoming vacation! 🙂

    Andrew and I were so thrilled to see that Madeline had been matched. I think I noticed that as soon as it happened! Ever since we first saw her picture back in July we were wondering why someone hadn't jumped up and claimed that little cutie as their own! We didn't know about Cameron until reading your blog, but praise God!!!

    The pictures from the wedding were beautiful. You did a great job on all your ribbons! 🙂


  5. Melody looks absolutely adorable. And the breaking news about various IA programs? I'm calling last week Corruption Week. Oh my lands, it came from everywhere. Very, very sad. Loved the link to the Harper's article.


  6. @Tricia – Her special need is a growth on the back of her head/top of her neck. We're just waiting for an open bed in the hospital so she can have a surgery. It isn't a tumor or anything – more like a growth of blood vessels, but it is quite large. It looks very similar to kids with spina bifida, but at the other end of her spine.


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