Not Who I Thought

(A special treat for Khloe’s mama.)
China has taught me that I’m not who I thought I was.

And somehow in the middle of learning that, God has taught me that He never really intended for me to be that other person at all.

I’m learning to be still, to cease striving, and to accept His Grace right where I am… imperfections and all.

5 thoughts on “Not Who I Thought

  1. That's a GREAT lesson….I have so enjoyed reading about all that God is teaching you through your time in China. I can relate to those lessons to some degree myself.

    And, I KNOW Khloe's mama will SO appreciate the picture. Can't wait to see them together!


  2. That really is a great lesson. I have a feeling it is one I am still learning. Your posts have been such an eye-opener to the different depths of 'self' and I just thank God for all that He is able to teach us through you and your first-hand experiences. I think more often than not, it takes more strength for us to let go of our idea of self, than it does to let God take the reins. I just wish it were that easy to process in our little one-track, self-serving pea-brains! LOL! It truly is something that we have to learn, because it is so human-nature to want to control the direction of our lives. Why is that? Cuz really everything would be so much better if we left it to God and just trusted FULLY in Him!

    Your posts are always so thought-provoking for me, Carrie… thank you!!

    Also, thanks for the little surprise today!! That is one adorable photo and I absolutely LOVE it! 🙂



  3. Wow, so little says so much. I just found your blog and this post is so FULL (I have lived overseas since 2002.) Thanks for the wonderful reminder of the deep work going on inside!


  4. I love this sweet face….and her Mommy;)

    I am thankful that God shows all of us how to die to self each day…sometimes it is very painful but yet so rewarding all at the same time. I love that song…empty me.


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