Big Reveal

So I’ve been hinting at a new project that we’ve been working on for a few weeks.

Well, we’re ready to reveal it!  It is still a work in progress, so this is our “soft opening.”  (Sort of our testing ground and experimental period.)  If it goes well, we’ll have a “grand opening” in a few weeks.

We want and need to stay small for at least a few weeks, until we work out some manufacturing details, so oddly enough, right now we don’t want you to help us spread the word too much.  Don’t worry, we’ll shamelessly ask you to do that when we have the grand opening!

But as our friends and blog followers, you can be the first ones to explore our new little venture… Scarlet Threads.  We are open and ready for business!  (Hope you’ll consider us for a source for some Christmas presents!)

11 thoughts on “Big Reveal

  1. I am in tears here! This is such an Awesome project! I can't help but think of sweet Elizabeth and her apron that I felt so overwhelmingly compelled to sew for her (and the little-bitty one too) and our emails this spring when I asked if aprons were something common in China and okay to gift! 🙂
    This is so cool!
    It makes the whole world seem just a wee bit closer together knowing we all have kitchens and aprons and hearts of love. Now to choose one! Not easy!


  2. Okay, I am LOVE'in this idea!! And I would like to purchase a 'Savannah' apron. I was going to pay through the sight, but it did not come up as a protected sight on my computer, so I'm wondering if I can pay another way?…possibly via PayPal?? Let me know!! 🙂 Thanks Carrie! I think these are goint to be a HIT!



  3. me too me too! I am sitting here with tears at how creative the Lord is and how He is using You to provide for some of His amazingly talented children in your side of the world! LOVE this.
    I have been so wrapped up in MY new venture… that I have fallen behind on my fav. blogs.
    Please do share about payment…I read Tanya's comment on the potential security issue!
    Feel free to email me at if you'd like.
    May the Lord bless the work of all the hands involved!


  4. Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all the encouragement and excitement. I hope this really takes off! We have lots of big dreams for it!

    To answer your questions:

    @WilxFamily – Evan's foster mom didn't make these. We just gave them fun names. Some of them reminded us of certain people, and that's how we named them.

    @Tanya and Holly – No worries. There is NO security issue with payments. (Not any more than any other website.) The scarlet threads website isn't encrypted, because it doesn't need to be since you do not make payments on our website. When you are finished shopping and adding items to your “cart,” you will click checkout and it takes you to the google payment's page. You'll notice by looking at the address line on the google page that it is https not http — https means it is secure. It is just as secure as PayPal. Right now we don't offer PayPal because the google program works better with our website for a variety of reasons, and we can't offer both with our current website. We'll be working on upgrading the website to provide more options, but for now that's all that we have. If you have any other questions or concerns, let me know. But, it actually is secure!


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