A Few Things

Judah’s in ICU tonight.  They’ve said the dismal words: heart failure.  We’re trusting that he is safe in God’s palm and that all will be well no matter what tomorrow brings.  And though his life is miracle enough, we’re praying for another one.  Join us?


I want to say thank you for your understanding, compassion, encouragement, and prayers after my last blog post.  I have to say, you are the most encouraging group of people ever.  I love you.  I’ve spent 5 minutes working on this next sentence, and still it escapes me.  This is the best I can do… Working in a world where loving sick, orphaned children is a daily reality forces me to confront more sorrow and suffering than I’d like to admit exists.  It hurts.  I can tolerate it for a while, but sometimes it crashes down.  Those last 2 blog posts were a crashing moment for me.  But, I’m going back up, and it will be OK.  There’s a lot that helps it creep back up… meeting a wonderful family who is in China adopting their 7-year-old-daughter right now, the encouraging comments/emails/notes/etc. that you all sent me, and even the fact that Cora has recently started growling like a little lion and then dissolving into giggles.  It’s adorable, and it’s one of the many daily graces God gives to remind me that He has never left.

He is brighter than the darkness.


And, Jacob and I are thrilled to announce that our first Scarlet Threads shipment is on its way to the states to be coming to a mailbox near you very, very soon.  A friend is serving as a courier, so they will be mailed very soon.  For those of you who missed your chance before, I’m posting a new stock to the shop, so you can get started shopping now!  Oh, and there are much better pictures now, thanks to my beautiful model friends.

And don’t forget that we’re having a giveaway right now!  Click on over to see how you can enter!

On a related note… Scarlet Threads has become all-consuming lately, so if you’ve emailed me and haven’t heard back, give me a few days to catch up on my email.  I’m sorry.  The quantity of unanswered emails in my inbox slightly terrifies me.

8 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. Oh Carrie ~ I already got Karen's prayer request, and that Little Judah has had ahold of my heart since the day he arrived. We are definitely amongst those standing in the gap and praying for a miracle for this most precious little boy! My heart is heavy and aching from here, so I can only imagine how much your must hurt in the midst of so much pain! Thank you for staying faithful and loving on all of the children as you do and pressing forward towards the mark, each and every day. I know it has to be a daily decision, and I am so grateful that you are there with the others helping to give hope and love to the hurting. You will be blessed for your service and love!

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya


  2. So glad that you have seen the silver lining through the dark clouds. I can only imagine the desperation that creeps in at times when you see and experience so much–so much more than so many of us. I hope that God holds you close and that you are drawn to Him in your weaker and darker moments so that He will provide you the strength through His light. We are also praying for sweet Judah. It is a heavy day.


  3. We are praying for Judah…..
    And Carrie, I read this post after I just sent you an email! Sorry to fill that inbox up even MORE!
    Don't worry about responding!
    We are also praying for all of you at ND. I can sense the Lord smiling down upon all of you…..


  4. I started praying for Judah as soon as I saw Karen's email this morning with the news. Anything that goes wrong with these heart babies hits me DEEP and I can assure you that I've been praying HARD for precious little Judah.

    I'm glad that Scarlet Threads is keeping you busy, and that God is bringing delight into your days. He has used Cora so much in my life, and to see how He is using her in yours makes me think that He's got BIG plans for that little one. Barely even a year old and she ministers so much to two grown women! What a doll she is…and I'm sure her “growling” is every bit as adorable as the giggles that follow!

    I wish I could just hug you, but my heart is full of love and prayer for you. I'm sending them your way with the click of my mouse…


  5. I have no words. Praying praying praying for Judah. You have so much courage – and His heart in you is beautiful.

    SO sorry I missed the ordering of the aprons :(. Next time around.

    We will have our son in our arms on the 29th of Nov – I struggle with the thoughts and feelings you posted.

    Keep your eyes on Him my friend.

    Hugs – Ashley


  6. Carrie
    i have just re connected with your blog, i would like to ask you if i could copy your post on a mothers heart, where you describe how you feel whilst holding another mommy's baby.
    I would also put a direct link to your blog.
    I live in the UK, my friend and i who both have adoptive daughters go to China regularly to do Neuro developmental work in SWi's and private foster homes.
    Some of the work is on my blog.
    Please email me if you have a mo
    tomlinson 1 tribe@ bt internet.com


  7. Hey Carrie, I recognise all of those lovely little faces. Are you at New Day? I came and did some training there with my family last Dec and my husband did some dentistry, did I meet you?
    Will keep praying for you all
    Love Jules


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