Life in a List

So much to share… where to start?

  • We found out that Judah is coming home from the hospital tomorrow!  Do miracles cease?  Never.  From heart failure to home… wow.  Also, Eliana and Melody both had successful surgeries late last week and early this week.  God is so faithful and always, always good.
  • We attended the Global Leadership Summit in Beijing last Friday and Saturday.  It was as it was last year – simply awesome.  Jacob and I both find it to be so invigorating and refreshing; challenging and inspiring.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend a GLS, I highly recommend it.
  • We’re thinking about launching some new Scarlet Threads products, and we want your help to decide what they should be.  So, hop on over to the Scarlet Threads blog and vote on your favorite new product idea.  Also, there are a few more days to purchase aprons in time for Christmas, so hurry up if you want one!  
  • Julia very proudly announced today that there are only 3 more days until she gets to meet her new family.  Her joy is, as always, contagious.  But, at the same time, I know that when the reality of leaving her loving foster family sinks in, she’s going to grieve.  Her foster parents are already having a hard time…  Will you pray for all involved over the next few days?

5 thoughts on “Life in a List

  1. Oh Carrie, absolutely we will pray…we already have been. I know that the Joy of Julia is going to be deerly missed by both her wonderful foster family, and by all of the staff and children there at NewDay! She has stolen so many hearts (including my own) that I can only imagine how all will go through a period of grieving. Such a precious young lady!! 🙂 But I'm praying they find comfort in knowing how much she is loved and wanted by her new family… they are so excited to bring her home!

    And that is just the most wonderful news about Judah, Eliana and Melody. PTL! God is good!! <>< Take care and have a blessed week! I'm heading over to Scarlet Threads now, to cast my vote. Hugs,


  2. Such a wide range of emotions covered in one post! We rejoice with that Judah is on his way back home, that Eliana and Melody have come through their surgeries with great sucess! Praise the Lord for His endless miracles!!! We also rejoice that Julia will be with her forever family soon, and hurt with those at New Day that are having to say goodbye. I will be praying for her foster family especially…I admire them so much. That's one job I could never do. Once they come into my home they are MINE–end of story. I don't have the strength to nurture children for awhile and then send them off when the time comes…but I praise God for those who do!


  3. Hi Carrie. Sure will be praying for Julia snd her transition coming soon. We have been holding little Judah up in prayer and will continue to pray for his miracle. God is faithful to His children and the kids at ND are certainly His!! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!!


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