Real Winter Thoughts

OK, so I had to laugh at myself today.

Who am I kidding?

I hate winter. 

(Though my previous post might suggest otherwise.)

And I only appreciate snow from the inside of my slightly-frigid apartment.

(It really was beautiful yesterday.)

But today… oh today.  We woke up to at least a 30 mph wind, blowing the beautiful snow around as if it were a dust storm.  The windows were rattling, the doors were creaking, and I was FREEZING!  And this was when I was wearing the Most Wonderful Invention in the World. (AKA Under Armour long underwear meant for sub-zero temps.  Some people wear these on artic expeditions.  I wear them on my expedition to work every winter morning.  The fact that I only own one pair means washing and radiator-drying has become a carefully perfected art form so as to ensure I do not need to go without them on any day.)  And the FREEZING was prior to me stepping out the door into the oh so lovely winter wonderland.

The temp barely reached 10 degrees F today.  What?!  It is an inhuman and inhospitable place, I tell you.  And I grumbled and complained all day.  So much for Love Like Snow and all that.  How about plopping me on a tropical beach and I’ll talk about love like sand. 

I’m still freezing.  (And still grumbling if you want to know the truth.)  But I’m also laughing a little.  It seems like lately when I write something on the blog, life throws a curve ball that tests me to see if I really mean it.  I failed today.  Lest you think I look at life with an “awww, isn’t everything beautiful?!” eye all the time, know that I think hell might be frozen and I’m not nearly as cheery and polly-anna about this record-breaking snow as my last blog post might have made me sound.

Signing off now, since typing makes my fingers exponentially colder and exponentially more useless.

11 thoughts on “Real Winter Thoughts

  1. Oh Carrie, you are cracking me up!
    I'm a southern girl myself, so cold temps are not my thang either.
    Today, in AL, it is not supposed to get above freezing. And after hearing about your weather? I will NOT complain! 😉
    We are praying for Maria's family…from their blog post it sounds like they have a great attitude about their delays because of all the snow. I cannot imagine!
    It's not this cold in Beijing in March, right? Tell me it's not….


  2. God's good at throwing us those curve balls to test us, isn't He? I get them all the time! 🙂 The good news is that each one of them is a chance to grow in Him…whether we like the cold weather or not! I for one DO NOT and was ready to walk out of church yesterday when they told me the heat was broken, but we stayed and were blessed because of it!


  3. What size thermals do you wear? I guess it doen't help to imagine your in Tahiti?? It's been cold here, but not near your temps… Wait till you have hot flashes and you'll wish for frigied temps… LOL! Love your blogs!! 🙂


  4. That really made me laugh. My son Will heard the weather report for Beijing early this morning, and we agreed that we are happy with our one inch of snow. Hope it warms up for you soon!


  5. oh Carrie ~ you are a HOOT!! 😉 I'm a MN gal, and I know you lived up here for awhile yourself…but no matter what they say about our 'so-called' thick skin, I just can't get used to this extreme cold. The kids' bus broke down this morning and was nearly 25 minutes late to pick them up, thanks to our NEGATIVE 20 degrees! The deisel fuel was freezing up on the buses, as they've sat the entire Christmas vacation without running, and so the cold was just too much for them, too! Yep…I think there is a beach somewhere calling my name, too… but that will have to wait, as I think China is calling a bit louder!! 😉

    Hang in there… this too shall pass! LOL! 🙂



  6. Ahh, the real Carrie. That last post was beautiful, but as I was reading I kept thinking- Carrie and cold?? I know you have mentioned how you don't like it cold before (because I completely relate). I cannot begin to imagine your chill right now though. 28 this morning was enough to nearly do me in at the bus stop.
    Keep warm!!


  7. Carrie, I LOVE your post. I think I would be doing the same thing as you if it were me. It was only down in the 20s here today and I complained a little. Just remember, though that sandy beach sounds like a nice thought….you'd get sand in your swimsuit, and that's no fun either. 🙂


  8. I'm cold and shivering for you…or maybe because it's 27 here. I shouldn't be complaining!

    Everywhere we went to visit family over Christmas and New Years, yielded snow. A lovely ice storm on Christmas Eve in IL. In one part of PA we received 2 feet!! OH MY!

    It was great for a few days…then I started complaining.

    Oh my does a warm beach sound good right now….

    My favorite scripture about winter…”this too shall pass…”


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