Shaky Ground

Will you pray for our friends in Haiti?  Though you’ve probably already seen it on the news, Haiti was hit by a 7.0 earthquake, with the epicenter near the capital where our friends live and serve. 

Troy and Tara and their big clan have some amazing hearts… we haven’t met in person, but the work they do in Haiti is beautiful.  They have been such an encouragement to us on more than one occassion.

Haiti’s a hard place to be on a good day.  “Normal” suffering there is too much to bear… Add a horrific earthquake and you have unimaginable conditions. They have a whole brood of little ones, who are understandably frightened.  Please pray for their family, friends, and community. Pray that though the earth may move, their faith will remain unshaken — grounded firmly on the Rock.

7 thoughts on “Shaky Ground

  1. Carrie, I've been praying for the people of Haiti ever since I heard the news about the quake earlier this evening…but I will definitely pray SPECIFICALLY for your friends as well!


  2. I had not heard the news, but I will most definitely join with the others in praying for your friends and their family, along with everyone else affected by this earthquake. Keep us posted!


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