3 Train Rides and 130+ Babies

So I’m off on the formula trip tonight… Jacob’s getting some good alone time.  (Something we all need, I think.)   I think he’ll have more fun than me. 

The trips bring me down… just seeing kids in hard situations, and it’s super-cold where I’m headed and super-sad to be so ‘up close and personal’ to such difficulty.

I’ll be back in 3 days.  Two sleepless nights on a train and two days of hard work.  I’m hoping I don’t get sick… it’s just a wearing trip and you’re exposed to a lot.  Pray for us, please?

The upside to these trips is that they tend to remind me why we do what we do…

(PS:  Funny thing – The pastor of my childhood church sent me a new pair of under armour long underwear.  It arrived today!  Just in time for my trip.  So thanks Mike and those of you at Hi-Land Christian… you have perfect timing.)

7 thoughts on “3 Train Rides and 130+ Babies

  1. I love when God shows us His timing is perfect…and allowed your undergarment to arrive just in time. Stay warm. I will pray. It's so heartbreaking. Praying for changes in Ch*na.


  2. God is so cool to have that under armor come just in time. What an amazing God…who knows each of these little ones you will server by name. He hasn't forgotten them.

    I will will be praying for you!


  3. Praying your trip went well ant that your health is in tact! What a nice surprise to get your new UnderArmour just before your trip…God's perfect timing!! <>< Hang in there. I look forward to reading about your trip when you return and have some time to settle back in. hugs,


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