Star Power (Hah!)

So a couple of weeks ago, we had an “interesting China experience.”  Life here is full of those…

My co-worker Elva (that’s her up above) got a phone call a few weeks ago.  It was from a Beijing-area TV producer who was starting a new TV show.  It was going to be a documentary-style program focusing on everyday people who live “differently.” 

After a visit to our foster home, she was convinced that those of us who lived in our village and worked for our organization live “differently.”  By that, she basically meant that we have goals and priorities other than making a ton of money and buying a ton of fancy things. Oh, and she thinks its weird that we’d live in our dusty little village instead of the beautiful metropolitan city up the road an hour or so.  (Sometimes I think that’s weird, too, honestly.)

Anyway, she found this to be a fascinating life choice, as it is completely counter-cultural both here in China and in most other places of the world, too.  She wanted to know why we all live the way we do, and at the same time encourage other people to think about making similar lifestyle choices.  You know, things like live more simply, give more, love more, etc.  She wanted to feature Elva and a foreign couple for the first episode of the show.

None of us really wanted to participate.  I mean, we’re not actors, and it is awkward to have a camera in your face all day.  But we all quickly recognized something.  What an amazing opportunity to share about how life can be so much richer than a paycheck… so much more beautiful than a fancy car…. worth so much more than all that our cultures tell us is valuable.

So armed with the belief that such a show really could impact the culture… By sharing deeper things over a television in a nation that remains closed.  Sharing that the power of love can make a difference.  Sharing that joy comes from giving not from receiving.  Well, with those thoughts brewing in our mind, how could we say no?  We all agreed to participate.

And it was awkward and uncomfortable at times.  But we really felt like we had an opportunity to share our hearts in an unprecedented way.  We have no idea what the final cut will be like, or when it will air, but we hope that the glory goes Up.  🙂

12 thoughts on “Star Power (Hah!)

  1. As a Hong Konger … I know first hand that your life does look radically different. Praying God will us this show to cause others to re-evaluate what (and Who) provides us meaning!
    Love it … hoping the show airs in HK!
    Love & Blessings,


  2. That is SO cool! What an opportunity for a different voice to be heard through the clutter of life. I hope it impacts hearts to be different, to live different. I know your voice has made a difference to so many on this side of the world just through your blog. So I can only imagine what might happen when you show up in somebody's living room. Too bad we probably won't be able to see the show (or understand it unless they have subtitles)–that would be neat to be a fly on the wall and then also hear what spin the commentators put on it!
    So cool!


  3. Wow, what a cool deal for you guys! I can imagine feeling awkward with a camera in your grill all day 😉 but I am sure it will be used for His purposes!
    Please share a link when it airs!!


  4. Oh my goodness!!!! What an AWESOME opportunity! I would love to be able to watch the show…even if it is in Chinese! Maybe it would help me motivate me to learn the language! 🙂


  5. Wow, that is really cool opportunity. When it airs, I hope you will share with us how it turns out. The way that you live your life inspires me, so I hope that it will have a similar effect on the people that see the show.


  6. Wow Carrie~ I'm really glad you chose to participate in this show…I can see God using it in big ways! Praying that all Glory returns back onto Him!!

    And I think it should air in the US, too…as we need this dose of living simpler and doing more for others more than most.

    Have a blessed weekend! <><
    ~ Tanya


  7. You're a reality star!! WOO HOO! 🙂

    That is really, really exciting. I can imagine it would have ben awkward since it's got to be hard to explain your counter-cultural ideas without explaining the One who puts those ideas in our hearts and minds, but I'm sure you're used to that by now. Very exciting. It is great to see how living counter-culturally really does transcend everything (race, cultures, etc…), speaks volumes, and swings doors open for sharing Good News about a different way to live life! SO, so cool!

    It's like Survivor: China! 🙂


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