We’ve been blessed by several people doing giveaways for Scarlet Threads, the small sewing cooperative we started late last fall.  They’re really helping to spread the word about our work to empower rural Asian women through employment!

You should definitely jump on over to the Scarlet Threads blog and sign up as a follower so that you’ll be notified of when new giveaways are happening, but there are a couple going on now that I wanted to share over here.

Kim of The Brown Bulletin is giving away a tiger hat!  That’s her little boy Kai sporting a hat up above.  Adorable, right?  You have until March 4th to enter! 

Oh, and the Bringing Drew Home fundraiser features a Scarlet Threads apron as well!  You can win an Anna or another great prize by contributing to a raffle to help pay for Drew’s adoptive family’s travel expenses to complete their adoption.  By the way, Drew is a little guy at our foster home, so it’s a small world.

One thought on “Giveaway!

  1. The “year of the Tiger” is sure to be one that I will never forget…so how fitting it would be to win this hat. I'm heading over now!! 🙂 Thanks for the heads-up, Carrie!


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