Festival Dancing

So last Sunday was lantern festival, the final festival of the long Spring Festival holiday.

A couple of years ago, we really celebrated the holiday. Like seriously got involved. Well, I didn’t. I was in a staff meeting. But Jacob channeled his inner performer — buried really, really deeply on most days — and joined the festivities. (After much cajoling and convincing by elderly Chinese women. One cannot say no to elderly Chinese women.) You really must visit the links to learn the full story, if you haven’t already.

I am a beater of dead horses.

I just can’t pass up an opportunity to re-share one of my favorite Chinese memories of all time, and I don’t know how many more opportunities I’ll have. (Though I’m sure I’ll come up with a few more.)

This video was dug out of the archives for your viewing enjoyment… watch it a few times to really appreciate it fully. And this, my dear bloggy friends, is my husband who never, ever dances. (Nor do I.) We didn’t even have a dance on our wedding day. I love that he participated in this.

As I look at those feet shuffle, I know it isn’t something I’m soon going to forget… nor is anyone else. When we got in the car with our driver on Sunday morning (the day of the lantern festival), our driver motioned towards the festival going on in the background and asked Jacob why he wasn’t over there.

After all, he asked, didn’t he have a fan dance to do?

7 thoughts on “Festival Dancing

  1. Thank you for this flashback post.
    What great memories.
    I simply loved attending my 1st dragon / lion dance this CNY in Hong Kong. However there was NO dancing involved for this couple.
    Love & Blessings,
    Kim & Tyler


  2. Carrie,

    Love the video! Jacob outdid himself that day! and you… did such a great job with the camera! i would have been laughing so hard, the whole video would have been shaking.
    Looking forward to meeting you… sometime in mid-May. Anything in particular that you would like me to bring over?
    Let me know!


  3. That is a hoot! He interpreted it beautifully–especially in the fan work 😉

    Thanks for sharing that flashback. I missed it the first go around so it was well worth any beating the dead horse may have received.



  4. This story still makes me smile! Thanks for the video, too! 🙂
    I guess Mr. December isn't featured on this year's calendar? Darn it! 😉


  5. That's awesome… Jacob is bust'in out the moves there! 😉 He's very graceful with those fans, too!!

    Awhhh! And I had to laugh at Gwen's comments on “Mr.December” LOL!!! 😉 I remember that post all too well.


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