What a Gift

When I was a little girl, I noticed on a calendar a line of small print on the date of my birthday, March 8. It said “International Women’s Day.”

I loved that. I had a t-shirt that said I was going to be the first woman president. It was my favorite.

As an aspiring feminist, I was thrilled to have such a special day for my birthday. The problem was no one else realized it was women’s day. No one in my small town in Texas celebrated it, except me.

But now I live in China. And Women’s Day is a recognized holiday! We ladies even got a half day off work for it! And I still get a kick out of sharing my birthday with such a wonderful holiday, because I really do think women should be recognized more. (Granted, life isn’t so bad for ladies in the good ‘ole USofA, but it’s not the case in many other countries.)

Maybe it’s my old feminist tendencies (note: I’m not the bra-burning, man-hating sort), but I fully agree with Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Burma’s democracy movement, when she said, “The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all.”

That’s a big part of the reason we started Scarlet Threads. So, in honor of Women’s Day, Scarlet Threads is hosting a giveaway of a beautiful hand-woven scarf made by Karen refugees living in Houston. You should check it out. And spread the word.

If nothing else, do it for my birthday? Pretty please?

6 thoughts on “What a Gift

  1. Happy Birthday! Can you believe that I bought you a card like last August … no really! And it still sits HERE … I'm sorry it's going to be late. I guess there is no hope for me getting cards out on time if I have them THAT far in advance and can't get them sent. (sigh)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And Happy Woman's Day too! That is so cool to have the two on the same day. God loves the details!


  2. Happy birthday Carrie!

    You and my Nathan share the same birthday:-). We celebrated his early before we left for Shriners, not knowing how long we would be there, but we made it back in plenty of time..PTL, and lucky him….ended up having TWO cakes…well one cake and he opted for a key lime pie the second time around;-).

    Hope your day was extra special!



  3. Happy Birthday, Carrie!! 🙂 Sharing your special day with Women's Day is somehow very fitting. You have done a good job leading the way for others by example, and you represent women well! You already know how much I love your heart for those less fortunate, and how thrilled I was when you started Scarlet Threads to empower women in that community. This is the perfect give-away in celebration of both!

    Praying your b-day was a blessed one!! <>< love,


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