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Early in her marriage, Dou’s life was simple and happy. She and her husband worked as farmers and were experiencing the joy of raising their son. Their home was simple and clean with basic electricity but no running water. Dou found great joy in keeping house and working alongside her husband. But in 2006 their whole world changed when her husband was diagnosed with heart disease. He received a surgery that saved his life, but it left his heart so weakened he was unable to work. The medical bills and daily medications completely drained their resources, leaving them in a state of poverty that to that point they had never known. {Read On}

The story Caroline wrote about our new Scarlet Threads packaging queen, Dou, especially touched my heart.  We’ve known Dou since we came to China, and she’s such a sweet lady… so gentle, particular, and kind.  We’ve wondered for a while how we could help her, but we wanted to do it in a way that preserved her dignity… The fact that we’re able to employ her, helping her to provide for her family — AMAZING!

I feel like the luckiest girl around.  Seriously.  Do you know how many mornings I wake up and think, “Wow!  Do I really get to do this?!”

One thought on “What It’s About

  1. I love this story. Our Pastor has always said the best way to bless people is not always through a hand-out…but moreso through 'equipping' them so that the blessing can continue. I think that's exactly what you do for your employees at Scarlet Thread, and I will forever be one of your biggest fans because of the lives you enrich! <><


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