Dusting Off My Feet

You know how tired I am of winter?

So tired that I cried today.

Really.  I am so done with winter.  So. Done.

I keep wondering how much longer can it possibly last?  Can we get something green around here!?  Yesterday felt a bit like spring… you know, one of those days with a high in the low 40s and a bit of moisture in the air, hinting warmer days might be ahead?  (This is a very weird thing for me to say.  I lived in Dallas once.  A day in the low 40s was the dead of winter.)

Well, this morning when I woke up, I noticed that the apartment was bathed in this weird yellow-ish light.  I looked outside, and this is what I saw.

No spring flowers, ladies and gents.  We get spring dust storms.  Courtesy of the Gobi desert and the ever-increasing desertification of this land.  Lovely, really.  Just lovely.  (The picture color isn’t too far off reality!  Dirt and more dirt.)

***Update: And lest you think I exaggerate, read this: Year’s Strongest Sandstorm.***

I was so frustrated, I cried.  It was weird, and I’m not sure what it was all about.  Jacob just grinned at me and said it couldn’t last that much longer.  Determined to dust off my feet (heh. bad joke alert.) and pick myself up, I straightened things up around the house, lit some candles, turned on some music, and sat down to make this list of thankfulness…  To keep it simple, I’m focusing on yesterday.

  • Yesterday after work, I took my pup for a walk with Catherine.  Catherine and I had a lot of fun singing songs and holding hands as we walked around our apartment complex.  She’s such a sweet girl.  When we came back, she curled up on my lap as we ate a snack and talked to Jacob.  I love spending time with her… oh, and then she did my hair and I did her makeup.  And she helped Jacob make mashed potatoes and me make biscuits.  
  • Yesterday afternoon I needed a break from my desk, so I hopped over to the foster home and went upstairs to see the babies.  I’d heard rumors of Cora taking her first steps and wanted to see it for myself.  But when I got there, one of the nannies asked me to hold Chad.  Chad didn’t seem to feel so good, and after checking his temperature we found out he had a pretty high fever.  Nothing to serious, but enough of a bug to make him fussy and uncomfortable.  So I just kept holding him… walking and rocking.  And he fell asleep in my arms.  He seemed so peaceful and comfortable, I just held him even when the nanny got his crib ready and told me I could put him down.  He spent his whole nap curled up in my arms.  I think it was good for both of us.  
  • Last night, Jacob and I invited four Chinese women over to our house.  We attempted to introduce them to an American classic… meatloaf.  But the beef we’d found in our village was of poor quality and not what you’d normally use for meatloaf, and partway through cooking it, we almost threw it out.  But that was 10 minutes after everyone had arrived, and we had no backup plan.  With tension running high in the kitchen, our friends rushed in with laughter and smiles.  They were all gracious and reminded us they “didn’t know what it was supposed to taste like,” so we forged ahead.  In the end, it was pretty darn good.  They raved.  We raved.  We were all stuffed.  And, one of the ladies brought over all the ingredients to make a yummy soy and ginger chicken wing dish.  So we had tons of food.  And great conversation.  I’m so thankful for our friends here…
Three’s a good number… it’s put a smile on my face.  Up next on this dismally dusty Saturday?  I think making some bread pudding or some cookies is in order… 

11 thoughts on “Dusting Off My Feet

  1. I'd cry too. I'm guessing yellow dirt is at least better than more snow?

    You have a wonderful list of things from yesterday to be thankful for. And you have assurance that spring is eventually going to come.

    Hang in there and enjoy your baking.



  2. We live in NE China and we had a big snow storm last night and today. It's our third snowfall of the week!
    I totally understand the crying.
    The Gobi will be here soon too…just as soon as the snow leaves!


  3. Oh, I know the feeling Carrie. Living in MN, the winters often seem to go on forever. We've been blessed with nice mild weather the past couple of weeks though. And yesterday actually hit 65 out. But now it is back down in the twenties…just slightly depressing! Like you, I long for some green. For the freshness of spring that represents new beginnings… in more ways than one for our family this year! I pray everything 'greens' up there before we travel, as I was SO hoping to see your cherry blossom trees blooming!! It won't be much longer. This is pretty much the ugliest time of year until spring finally breaks through with it's fresh new colors!


  4. Last year, that's how I felt about winter…..I've lived in NH all my life and for some reason, last winter almost did me in. I think some years or seasons of life are like that. This winter has been better for me.

    I would have cried at all that dust too- just the picture screamed “depressing”. Glad you found lots to be thankful for……reading about the fact that Chad has arms to nap in made me cry. That seems like such a small thing maybe to you, but to think of all the times I held my kids while they slept- that love that Chad felt just can't be measured in worth! And, the difference you are making to Catherine? Priceless!

    Be encouraged- God is using you GREATLY in the lives of these kids!!! Praying for you!

    And thanks for your encouragement this morning as well! 🙂


  5. Carrie…I love reading your thoughts. Sweet girl…hang in there! You encouraged my heart today. We have had 3 beautiful days of good weather in the heart of Illinois. We have played on the driveway and gone to the park. It has been so refreshing! Then, today we wake up to a cold, grey day with SNOW in the forcast!!! So frustrating. Then, I read your blog today and you reminded me of all of my reasons to rejoice! A thankful heart IS good medicine, right???



  6. Ugh, I'm sick of winter too. Yesterday most of the mud had dried out, but today we woke up to inches of snow on the ground. So, here we go through another freeze/thaw. I am soooo ready for Spring!


  7. I'm so sorry Carrie…it's all my fault. I told Evan we'd be there when the buds came on the tress. We expected to be there by now…so, I am sorry!

    Spring will arrive by April 2, OK?!?!?!

    We woke up to a few inches of snow here today. “Old man winter” took his vitamins and has waayyyy to much longevity this year.


  8. Oh sweet Carrie…I love your “realness”!

    If it makes you feel any better, we live in the deep, deep South, and they're predicting some snow. That's big for us. That means at a time when we're normally already wearing our flip flops and spring colors, we wore our sweaters to church. Lest I forget, we did have two full of sunshine and grace days this past week, though!

    I love reading about you pouring yourself into those children. And Cora is walking? I cannot wait to tell my daughter! We loved playing with her and all those sweeties. And I can just imagine what a great companion meek little Catherine is…so precious.

    Kevin fits right into our family, Carrie. Today we took him to meet his church family and they are all IN LOVE. It is amazing to hear him sing English nursery rhyme songs. I know who we have to thank for that and so much more….

    We're praying for you all everyday…



  9. Your post reminds me that I want to live a life of thankfulness every day, and that I have to renew that desire every day. I just read an article in World Magazine which told the story of a missionary who had watched her husband killed by the Viet Cong, then been badly wounded herself and left to die. She was rescued and brought back to the States. When she arrived, her son cried to see her all bandaged up. She handed him a hymn she had written down about thankfulness and a list of things she was thankful for. Ok. Now I need to spend the rest of my day making a thankful list. Virginia


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