She met me with His grace.

Tears welled in my eyes as the truth poured out, and she was Jesus to me.

It is a truth I rarely share, an often unnamed pain, but the deepest kind of all.  And she spoke healing to me.

I usually don’t appear without my masks, carefully constructed and designed to keep me safe by my own efforts.  I’m  usually not so weak, helpless, or unable to ‘grin and bear it.’  Not so needy or fearful.  My mask is admired and respected, commended and even seen as spiritually stable — certainly not plagued with this doubt and uncertainty that courses through my veins.  I am rarely so vulnerable and raw, but she didn’t shy away.  She was love to me.

I’m so thankful for a friend who knows what is a mask and what is reality.  She knows how lonely it is behind the mask, and she embraces me in all my humanity, never putting me on a pedestal.  Instead she sees the truth, showers me with mercy and meets me with His grace.

Brushing against one of His Incarnational-temples — the living-breathing hands and feet of Christ — I encounter Him and leave refreshed, restored, and renewed.

7 thoughts on “Friend

  1. I'm thankful for friends like that.

    Why do we feel like we always have to put up a strong front anyway? Someone once told me that tears are the language of the Holy Spirit. I agree wholeheartedly….

    The Body of Christ is a beautiful thing!


  2. What a beautiful post. Grateful you have such a friend. A reminder I need to thank the one like you described that He sent me.
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,


  3. Carrie…
    You have such a gift with words.
    It really is a gift.
    Not all can communicate like you can.
    Please…pray about writing a book.
    You could do all sorts of things with the profits! 🙂
    I am reading Silent Tears by Kay Bratt and just began in the hospital this morning and already I know it will change me.
    Just felt I needed to suggest it to you….pray about it…see what the Lord will say.
    Pretty please? 🙂


  4. …the BEST kind of friend, indeed. Those are the people you trust most in life…the ones you NEED the most in life. The ones you can count on to be truthful, no matter what…yet still look at you with the love of Christ. A blessing of the greatest kind!

    SO glad you have such a friend. We all need someone like that!


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