Worth It

Jacob comes home tonight!  (Lands in about 1.5 hrs, not that I’m counting minutes or anything.)  I was so thankful he could go home, but I’m not going to lie… it’s been hard having him gone for 12 days, especially since I was the only person on that side of our family who didn’t get to be there.  I threw a miserable pity party for several days.  Trust me, you wouldn’t wanted to have come.

It’s hard being here.  It’s hard being apart.  It’s hard missing home.  It’s hard missing stuff.

But tonight I watched this video that one of our interns just made, and I was nearly brought to tears as I realized just how much it is worth it.  It is so worth it.  I am so thankful… that I get to witness their first steps.  And laugh at their silly faces.  And host their birthday parties.  And buy them ice cream.  And clean off their faces.  And feed them bottles.  And play patty-cake.  And soak in their love.

It may be hard sometimes… but it is always, always worth it.


14 thoughts on “Worth It

  1. That video was great! Thanks for making me cray at 8 a.m.!! 🙂

    So glad that you do what you do! Lifting you up in prayer!

    In Christ Alone,



  2. That was incredible! And I'm watering Nolan with tears as he sits on my lap watching too!

    Thank you so much for sharing–yes, it must be SO HARD being away from family … I can only imagine some days for you!
    I'm so glad that you can enjoy some of the rewards now that your sacrifice will bring in these children's smiles and transformations from when they first arrive to where they blossom through New Life.


  3. You know Carrie, as a military family, we often get pats on the back..you know…thanks for all our sacrifices…for my husband's service to our country, for fighting against terrorism, at home, in Afghanistan and recently in Iraq. And we live in a military town….where red white and blue flies proudly and heroes leave and return every day.
    But you, my friend, are often overlooked in your heroism.
    I know it's hard to accept the term hero when you are just an everyday person, right? But that's what my soldier husband is too. Just a man. Not a superhero. But what makes him a hero is his WILLINGNESS to go. His willingness to lay his own desires, even his own LIFE on the line for others.
    Not everyone has that in them.
    And you…and your husband…you've done just that. You've laid down your plans, your desires and your lives for others.
    Love DOES make a difference.
    Thank you for choosing Love.
    Thank you for choosing to SERVE.
    May you be refreshed as you refresh others.


  4. you made a difference in the life of MY son. Your prayers, your presence, your pictures, your blog posts, your time and talent…it all affect my son for the rest of his life. He is laughing, he is JOYFUL, he is silly, he is loving, affectionate, and loves to receive affection because of the work that you do at New Day. Your work has allowed him to literally live, and thrive.

    This child LOVES to pray…all in mandarin, but we can pick our names out. We are training Evan to serve Him. Because you have chosen to sacrifice, we have that honor to do so.

    So many feel that having the house, the yard, the car, and their cute little biological children in their MWF swim or dance class is the life to have. living within the picket fence sure looks appealing, but what if God never let His son go beyond it? Thank you for going beyond the fence to a world of chicken feet in the soup and squatty potties,crappy chocolate and a very dark spiritual place to be a shining light for His kingdom. Don't let the devil get you discourage you in this work. I see so many of the 'picket fence' people and they are unhappy to the core. It's so, so sad. Thank you for doing what you do fore these kids…for MY kid.

    You are so very loved and prayed for!


  5. I wonder if you know how dearly you are loved by your faithfully followers.
    The video is a beautiful tribute to you and your staff who live out the Gospel Message.
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,
    P.S. Did you read the latest post at (in)courage? For those of us who live “home from home” … it is really touching.


  6. I don't know if this helps, but I often think of this Joni Mitchell lyric:

    Well something's lost, but something's gained/
    In living every day

    (From “Both Sides Now”).

    I've had a lot of days like that recently – something bad happens or it's a bad situation, but then something hopeful or sweet happens…

    So, maybe that is one way to look at your experience – something's lost, but something's gained.


  7. Carrie, I am always in awe of your writings. You capture the heart of anyone reading. I know I'ev told you this before, “God has truley blessed you with the gift of writing.” I think you should turn your blog writings into a book. Love You Much!!


  8. The work makes “It Hard to Be Here” sometimes . . .

    The separation from family . . . not you and Jacob as we see you so much . . . makes “It Hard to Be Apart” sometimes . . .

    The distance from home makes “It Hard Missing your Parents” . . .

    The materialistic society we live in here makes “It Hard to Deal with the Stuff” . . .

    Who is to say who has the “Hard” time . . .

    Love, Dad & Mom . . .


  9. {hug} I wish it didn't have to be so hard to do something that you are clearly making a HUGE difference doing.

    All the New Day children that I've followed on blogs as they transition to their forever families make that transition so beautifully…and are so prepared…and so full of joy and love and life.


  10. What a beautiful video!!! and someone mentioned crying…um, yes…
    As a mother to daughters who are older now and obviously did not get this type of love and attention, I want to tell you, you can & do work miracles at New Day! Thank you for being part of ND…thank you for creating a family there in a new home away from home. Thank you for being willing to be apart from your country of birth and your family of birth. They must be so very proud of you!
    Thank you for all you have given up to be at New Day! May you be Blessed beyond imagination for being there!


  11. Hugs Carrie:) I feel the same way when Greg is gone….he is my other half….I feel incomplete without him…that is a healthy feeling.

    I know I go through bouts of homesickness also….I was pretty pitiful last week myself;)

    What you are doing and HAVE already done is making a difference.

    Give Tanya a big hug for me and then have her hug YOU for me!!!!!


  12. Hey Carrie!! It has been a long time since I have commented…but, I wanted to let you know I am still here! I don't get a whole lot of time on the computer, but I love stopping by when I can. I loved this video!! It melted my heart. I keep y'alls calendar on my computer desk and pray for y'all often. Thank you for being so faithful with your blog, we all love being a part of your ministry!
    In Him, Leanne 🙂


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