Prayer Please {Updated!}

Two days ago, I found out that my grandma needed to have a heart cath done to put in a stint.  They did that on Tuesday, but her artery was completely blocked (and another major vein mostly blocked) and they were unable to do what they needed.  So, they scheduled an open heart surgery for Wednesday to do two bypasses.  My grandma is incredibly healthy and they said that even though her artery was totally blocked, she has no heart damage.  So, that’s amazing and we’re thankful they caught it when they did.  But, this is still a risky operation.  It’s funny… every month, we have little ones go in for major, major heart surgery, and I always seem to feel really good about it.  But this is my grandma… and I’m worried.  I wish I could see her before she goes to surgery; I haven’t seen her in 1.5 years, and I really miss her.  In just about a month, I’m scheduled to spend a whole week with her, and I have been so looking forward to that time.  She’s one of my closest friends, and I can’t wait to spend some QT with her this summer.  Will you please pray that her surgery is smooth, successful, and complication-free?


UPDATE (From my dad): The doctor said the surgery went very well, with no complications.  She is in the recovery room still under sedation and still on the breathing machine.  The nurse will start the process of waking her up in about 30 more minutes.  Will let you know more later!!

Guys, thank you for praying.  Last night, I woke up several times in the night to check my email and see if I had any updates from our family.  Each time, there was no update, but there were always several notes from you saying “We’re praying!”  I don’t think you can fully comprehend how much it means to me.  There’s nothing I could “do.”  I couldn’t fly to be there for the surgery or anything else… but I could ask you to pray.  It was a comfort to me, and I have no doubt also a big part of the reason the outcome was so successful.  I love you and get so much encouragement from you.  Thank you for being our community.

18 thoughts on “Prayer Please {Updated!}

  1. I'm too late to pray for her surgery, but I will pray for her recovery. I'll also pray for peace for you, too, because being on the other side of the world instead of at her bedside can't be too easy on you.


  2. So glad to hear her surgery went well. I wish you a swift, safe, smooth trip to get to see her and that your time together is memorable. Peace to you!


  3. I haven't been able to read any blogs lately, so I'm late seeing this, but I will be praying that your gramma's recovery goes smoothly, and is “textbook” perfect! I'm praying she will be able to spend some great QT with you while you are home!


  4. What a blessing she came through just fine. WE were praying for her! Looking forward to when you can see her. She will be beyond thrilled to see you, I' am sure! :0)


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