A few weeks ago, I was giving a tour to a group of visitors at the foster home. We went into the preschool shortly after the nannies had finished their afternoon English class with the interns. Each summer, we are blessed with so many interns and volunteers that we’re able to provide our staff with simple conversational English lessons – often centering around topics that the nannies wish to discuss. Usually it’s things like “Please take the child outside.” Or “Can you take him to physical therapy?”

But on this particular day, I quickly realized that Jacob and I had been the subject of the English lesson. 


Well, I saw this written in large letters across the board:

Wondering what we have to be congratulated for? 
Well, the other side of the board fully explains the mystery.
We’re 4 months into a journey that’s going to turn our world upside down…
Come Christmas-time (or about), we’ll be McKean, Party of 3.

34 thoughts on “con/gra/ju/la/shuns

  1. Whoo hoo!!!! Praying for you and baby! Still hoping to see you (and maybe even your newest addition!) when I make my trip to China…making us “Anderson, Party of 6!” We are a couple of VERY blessed ladies! 🙂 Love you!!!


  2. Yay! Now I can tell people!!
    We are SOOOOO excited for you!
    WE are praying HEAPS of blessings on the McKean's little bean!
    We enjoyed meeting you face to face while we were at New Day.
    Thank you for all you do!
    (Adahlyn's Mommy)


  3. FINALLY!!!…I can break my silence!! 😉 I was hoping your trip 'home' would bring out the big reveal! 🙂 I'm still SO VERY happy for you both and can't wait to see those first 'bump' photos of you!! Whew!…so glad I don't have to stay quiet any longer!! It was hard not to mention it a few times, but I'm a woman of my word!! 🙂

    CONGRATS again and God bless! <>< Love and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya


  4. CHILLS! And YAY! And Praise the Lord!
    Praying for you and Baby M!
    And now let me be the first to call you by your new first name….Mama McKean! I like it!
    (When I say or do something that shocks my kiddos they'll exclaim, “Mama Ferrill!!!!!”


  5. Wonderful news Carrie!!! Congratulations to you and Jacob and may God continue to hold all 3 of you safely in His hand as you begin a whole new journey:-)


  6. SWEETEST words I've heard in a long time! That is beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS! Motherhood is a blessing and it will fit you so well! Best wishes for no more morning sickness (if you ever had any) and a strong baby.
    Blessings to you all!


  7. COME ON! Where have I BEEN????? That's AWESOME!!!!! Con/gra/ju/la/shuns INDEED!!!!

    Oh, I am so happy for you both!!!! We're praying to be able to MEET you while you are pregnant when we come to New Day to pick up Evan (now, Cooper!).

    WOO HOO!!!!! So thrilled for you! What a wonderful, wonderful adventure this will be for you!!!!


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