A Few More Details

Thank you all for all the good wishes, prayers, con/gra/ju/la/shuns, and encouragement!  It’s been fun to be able to share the news with you.  We weren’t sharing it earlier because we wanted to tell our family in person.  My grandparents in Washington still don’t know (so if you don’t know them, please don’t tell!), but they aren’t online, so the secret is safe here.  I’ll be sharing the news with them when we go to visit next week.

Here’s the requisite sonogram picture… taken at 12 weeks.  I’m 17 weeks now.  It’s still hard to believe in just a few more months, we’ll be having a baby.

Several have asked where we plan to have the baby.  Right now, our plan is to deliver in Beijing.  Though, we’re not being really rigid with those expectations and are certainly open to the fact that we might change our mind.  But, we feel comfortable with the hospital and the quality of care available… besides, as the world’s most populous nation, China knows a few things about delivering babies.  🙂

We don’t have names picked out… we have some ideas, but no firm decisions.  We’re especially struggling with boy names.  Our next checkup will be in about 3 weeks, after we get back to China.  Though they could tell us the gender at that appointment, we’re leaning towards keeping it a surprise.  Well, I want it to be a surprise.  Jacob wants to be able to eliminate 50 percent of the work of choosing a name, so he’s more inclined than I am to find out the gender.  However, I don’t think that’s a good enough reason, and I’ve been telling him I get 2/3 of the vote in this decision since currently I represent 2/3 of the family.  He isn’t buying my logic, but I think he’ll probably let me have my surprise.

I guess I could change my mind about that as well… when we get to the doctor’s office and they ask if we want to know, I may not have the self-control to say “no!”  We’re just taking it a day at a time.

It is interesting to be having a baby while working at an orphanage.  To be honest, it’s harder for me to connect with this child growing inside of me than it is to connect with the ones crawling over my lap.  But I think my heart for their biological families is growing and growing.  We still want to adopt, but since we aren’t yet 30, adopting from China isn’t yet an option for us.  I hope I’m blessed enough to experience becoming a mother both ways…

22 thoughts on “A Few More Details

  1. OH MY STARS! How exciting!!!
    I have been w/o internet access for one week now. What a great way to start my updates. I am thrilled for you and as a mother by birth and adoption … I can promise you that the road ahead is full of blessings beyond imagination!
    Love & Blessings,


  2. Carrie being surprised at the babies birth is so fun! I've loved it – having twins people told me I “had” to find out. Right before u/s day I realized we really didn't have to so we didn't! It was fun, but lots of name work!


  3. Already so photogenic too!
    My delivery doctor for Nolan was from Shanghai and trained there. She did an amazing job–I'm especially thankful for her quick, small hands that were able to deliver Nolan right shoulder and head first (ya, all at once) as his elbow suddenly became lodged under my pelvic bone making it impossible to enter the world without some doctor's help. Very well trained. And all was and is well!
    You will make a wonderful mother Carrie! And I imagine having all those “brothers and sisters” bopping around will make transition out of the womb a breeze for your little one!
    Excited for you all!
    P.S. My first thought was it's a girl … but I'm ALWAYS wrong … so it must be a boy.

    P.S.S. We had the u/s nurse write down what we were having for our last 2 boys. They put it in a sealed envelope … just in case we changed our minds and wanted to know. I was tempted with Easton … but for all our boys I was glad we didn't peek! 😉


  4. What a CUTE baby! I love sonogram pictures, I even put my dog's on the refrigerator for MONTHS. We didn't find out the gender of our son, and it really did heighten the excitement & anticipation. I hope you find names you absolutely love for either a boy or girl.


  5. You'll be blessed to adopt from China too! Evan was “born” in my heart when I was in high school. Didn't dream of “him,” but my love for my someday child was sprouted.

    Yours too!

    Good luck on the self control of being surprised! 😉

    Yes, being a biological parent, and now an adoptive parent, I think often about what Evan's bio parents must have been like. When I cut his finger and toenails, I pray for them. Obviously he is so very different from all the blondie's with blue eyes in our home, but his nails stick out to me. I'm thankful she chose life, and that God chose us for him…cutting his very different from ours fingernails reminds me of that. Makes me thankful too.

    You are going to be such a great mom, Carrie! And, Jacob will be a great father!


  6. I think it is wonderful and we are so excited for you. I am a mother to a biological son and two adopted children (Russia and China…we met you in January this year). All three are precious to this momma's heart and I think growing a family through child birth and adoption is such a blessing! Can't wait to follow your blog as you grow your family!!


  7. Oh, Carrie… it's neat to see those sonogram photos, as it helps it feel that much more 'real'! I'm still just SO excited for you and glad you are sharing the news. It will be fun to have all the support following along and praying for you! 🙂 It's hard to believe you will hold that baby in your arms in a few months. We've been home exactly 8 weeks today, and you didn't show at all when we were there, so I can't WAIT to see those pics of your 'bump'!! *HINT*HINT!! 😉

    And I truly believe that you WILL experience being a mother BOTH ways… God has a special plan already marked out and I can't wait to watch and pray for you as it all unfolds! <>< Blessings dear friend,
    ~ Tanya


  8. WOW! Somehow I missed the previous post. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so, so happy for you and Jacob.

    I cannot wait to follow you on your newest journey. Motherhood is a wonderful, rewarding, blessed adventure.



  9. Congrats!! So happy for you! What an exciting time in your life. I have been blessed to be a mom to both biological kids and through adoption. Both ways are wonderful!!


  10. Congratulations Carrie! We will follow along with lots of excitement for your family and lots of prayers as the Lord adds this wonderful blessing to your lives!!


  11. I am so excited that you are embarking on this incredible journey. When my older bio sons asked me why at age 50, I wanted to adopt, I told them that parenting them was the greatest joy I have ever experienced and I wanted to do it again. And I meant it!! And I too feel blessed that I have been able to know the incredible feeling of a child growing inside my body AND have been able to witness the tansformation of a child raised in an orphanage who becanme a part of our forever family!! Congratulations to you both!!!


  12. Congratulations Carrie and Jacob!! What fabulous news…you will be wonderful parents. This little kiddo (who knows already how to show his/her good side for the camera – what a great profile shot!) is very lucky!

    Blessings, Bryn (friend of Caroline's)


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