Gift Idea

Some good friends and co-workers of ours, Randy and Rita, are in the process of adopting an adorable little girl from China.  Like all of us foreign workers at the foster home, they are full-time volunteers.  So, paying for an adoption is even more of a financial burden for them than it is for most people.  

Another good friend, Valerie, has helped set up some fundraising projects for them.  You can learn more about them at their fundraising blog, Blessings a Hundred Fold.  They have a lot of ongoing efforts, but one I want to tell you about today is coming up quickly!

On October 5, $5 from each purchase made from Sarah’s Treasure Box will go to the adoption fund!  Visit the shop to see the products, and enter The Rippee Adoption at checkout on Oct. 5 to credit their cause!
I hope you take some time to explore ways you can possibly help this family with their adoption expenses… they are full-time foster parents to a house-full of older girls.  They may not have a lot of funds for an adoption, but they have a lot of love to help heal a child’s heart.

2 thoughts on “Gift Idea

  1. I am SOOOO excited about this opportunity for The Rippee's!
    If anyone does a blog post about the fundraiser, email me (checkout my blog for details) and you can shop EARLY (Sunday and Monday) with a special EARLY SHOPPER PASS from me and it will still count for The Rippee's!


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