A Little Something Fun

So we’ve stuck with our desire for a “Christmas surprise” and don’t know the gender of this baby… but, I’m not kidding when I say that probably 98% of the guesses we’ve received from people have all been leaning towards the same gender.  Everyone from strangers on the street to our friends and family – they almost all say the same thing…

The old Chinese ladies evaluate the shape of my stomach and view me from behind.  Some other women want to see my belly button before deciding.  Some people just have a “feeling,” but in the end, almost without fail, they all reach the same conclusion about whether they think we’ll be dealing in sugar ‘n spice or puppy dog tails.

I’m not going to post what the dominant guess is – and if you already know, don’t mention it in a comment – but I am curious what you think we’re having.  I want to see if the online guesses correspond with the in-real-life guesses.  So, I’ve set up a nifty little poll.

What’ll it be?  Girl or Boy?  You can vote off to the right!  And if you have some special method for deciding the gender of the baby, let me know in a comment.  I find it is a very intriguing world of interesting methods and reasons.

And, I’ll tell you what the rest of the world thinks as soon as the poll closes.

17 thoughts on “A Little Something Fun

  1. Oh goodness, woman! To me, there is only ONE possibility 🙂
    Since I have NO idea what you guys have heard from others, I hope I'm allowed to say what I think here…
    You're all belly. Your arms, you behind (I am guessing) are still teee-iny!! So it's a BOY! Also, a friend from Poland shared with me that the wives tale there is if you feel beautiful when you are pregnant, it's a boy. If you feel ugly, don't even want to look in the mirror, it's a girl. I've only had one girl… but it really did hold true for me 😉
    And you do… look BEAUTIFUL 🙂


  2. You are so tiny and all belly … I am guessing you cannot even tell you are pregnant from behind!
    Therefore my vote is that it must be a BOY!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,


  3. I'm guessing girl…which means it's probably a boy. 🙂 We waited to be surprised with both of our bio kids and my intuition was wrong with both! 🙂

    I say girl cuz it looks like you're carrying high…but who knows! Can't wait to find out who God has blessed you with. 🙂


  4. I guessed boy…but maybe because that's what we are having? hmmmm…

    Oh…if only the 'all belly' thing were true in my neck of the woods. More like all everything :0( You have got some awesome genes…looking like TWO million bucks preggo! Woo Hoo!

    I guess it seems to me, that if you can't find a name for a particular gender…it's probably THAT gender! LOL. We had no trouble with a girls name…but for a boy?

    So….do you have a name if you have a boy yet?


  5. I'm guessing BOY, for no particular reason. I've always heard that the heart rate is a pretty good indicator (fast, like above 150= girl). That held true me and a lot of my friends.



  6. I'm guessing boy:-).

    We decided to be surprised with Nathan….and I didn't have a CLUE my whole pregnancy. I honestly didn't know until the midwife said 'you have a son'. For Owen, we decided to find out. I was due for an ultrasound a few weeks before Christmas and John and I decided to find out the sex if we could. We told the ultrasound tech to secretly write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper, fold it, and we put it in an envelope. We put the envelope on the Christmas tree and opened it up on Christmas morning:-). I'm glad I brought a security envelope…because honestly I would have ruined my own surprise….I have to admit I held it up to the window a few times….I'm so bad;-)!!!!

    You do look beautiful!!!!


  7. Does the baby move around like he's in a wrestling match and kick back with his feet between your ribs? … that would be a boy!


  8. I'm going to have to go with Stefanie's reasoning, based on the fact that you are all belly and look amazing, that it's a boy.

    In my experience, the gender was influenced from day 1. My girls were the ones who were our “surprise” pregnancies and the boys were the ones who were planned.

    There seems to be some relation to gender and heartrate (faster for girls, slower for boys), although I did have one daughter with a consistently slower heartbeat.

    Either gender, your child will certainly be beautiful and loved.



  9. Based on the last pic you posted, it looks like you're carrying high, which is said to mean you're having a girl. That's how I carried Savannah…she was always way up in my ribs and it was so difficult to breathe toward the end. Of course it's only an old wives tale.

    Ask ten people on the street what any one thing means and you'll get ten different responses. “Oh, you had a lot of morning sickness? Must be a boy.” Not for me. “Oh, you didn't have any heartburn? Your baby will be bald.” Not for me. LOL

    I voted girl (based on your pic), but really deep down I feel like you're having a boy. It's just something about you growing up with brothers, Jacob having all brothers…it just seems like raising a boy would come so naturally to the two of you.

    So my “scientific” guess is girl, but my true gut feeling is boy. Sorry to be a fence rider of sorts. 😉


  10. I think in the beginning of your pregnancy I thought it would be a girl, but now I'M swaying towards boy. Not sure why.
    I've heard that if you're craving salty and your husband wears boxers then it's a boy. Not that you have to indulge what under-garments Jacob wears! 🙂


  11. Well, judging from the fact that you are all up front (belly…still tiny everywhere else!) my personal vote is a BOY! I was the same way with Dawson, and completely different with Brea.

    …but, I asked Khloe and she said 'girl'…so I guess that's her vote! 😉

    No matter what, you are in store for one priceless little blessing, and I can't think of a better Christmas gift!! <>< Hugs,


  12. Can we ask questions to help with our guess?!?!?! Like- are you drawn to wear blue or to wear pink? Before I found out each time, I bought maternity clothes- when I was having a boy all the stuff was in the blue palate, with a girl it was all shades of pink.

    BUT……I'm torn- I totally agree with Stefanie and Kim about being all belly. But…..the ridiculous amount of not feeling well….to me that screams “GIRL!

    So….I'm going with GIRL……

    But, darn……..I'm like the only one! 🙂 Dare to be different, I guess. Can I change my guess after I SEE you in person in a week?!?!?! 🙂


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