I promised pictures… here they are. All taken at about 31/32 weeks.

Right now we have a bunch of toddler boys at really fun ages… Vincent, Timothy, Robert, and Ethan are the ones I hang out with the most. They say such funny things and they have these unbelievable imaginations. They also just like to cuddle. I think they are absolutely adorable.

9 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Oh goodness!!! I know you say you are getting uncomfortable (with ya!!! right there at 27 weeks for me)

    YOU ARE STUNNING!!! You look as if you could run a marathon or do a modeling photo shoot. Seriously, you look so beautiful!


  2. You look wonderful Carrie!!! I am so excited for you and Jacob and oh how that little baby will be loved by all! I can't wait to see all of the reactions from the children when they meet the baby:)


  3. I think they are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, too!! Love those little guys! 🙂

    You are positively glowing, Carrie! I'm so excited for these final weeks of your pregnancy. Can't wait to welcome Baby McKean into the world!!



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