Just Because

These last few months have been pure craziness. And it has turned me into a horrible blogger. If you are reading this, I’m surprised you’re still hanging with me.

But – I did want to check in and say that we are still here and still doing well. Hard to believe we’re nearing our final month in this fast-paced journey towards parenthood. All seems to be going well, though I regularly get told that I’m really small. But, our doctor says everything is fine, so I’m choosing to simply believe that I’m “blessed” and not unusually “small.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Our friend, Amber Parker, took maternity pictures for us a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t something I planned to do, but she talked me into it and I’m glad she did!ย  It was fun.ย  She’s a very talented photographer — check out her series on Chinese foster families! — and she’s a good friend, so we’re a bit more natural around her than we normally are around cameras. It was amusing to say the least… all the laughter had a lot to do with how uncomfortable Jacob seemed by the whole experience. When she asked him (jokingly) to kiss my stomach for a picture, his reaction was priceless. I know many couples do take the “kissing belly” maternity picture… but if you know my husband, you know there are no circumstances under which he would do such a thing for a camera. Putting his hand on my belly for a few shots was borderline unacceptable in his book… especially since the foster home gardener kept walking by wondering (I’m sure) what we were doing.

In other news, We had a great weekend… there have been a few times that we’ve been BLOWN AWAY by someone’s generosity and love for us, and this was one of those weekends. Some friends of ours from Dallas came to China for a special birthday trip and wanted to visit us for a few days in Beijing. Before this trip we hadn’t had many opportunities to spend with this couple “in real life,” so when they came we were looking forward to getting to know them more. And we had a blast.

But you know what they did that blew us away? They invited us to stay with them in downtown Beijing in one of the city’s nicest hotels. (We’re talking world-class.) This was what our room looked like.

No need to say more, but I will.

It had a bathtub. I took 2 in less than 12 hours. I could have had a third if I’d had time. Do you know how good a bath feels when you are 8 months pregnant? uh-may-zing. That’s all I have to say about that.

It was truly a lovely weekend. It was totally pampering that we didn’t “need” or “deserve,” but it was certainly enjoyed! And, I am just totally blown away by the generosity of various people in our lives… this is just the latest example in a long stream.

Being the recipient of so much material generosity these last few years has taught me about how I want to be when the “shoe is on the other foot.” I think these extravagent displays of love given to us by other Jesus-followers teach us something about the Father’s heart for us that we can’t learn any other way… we talk about his lavish love, but I sometimes think I don’t really know what that means. But then someone comes and takes me to a 5-star hotel and puts a gift-bag in the bathroom and tells me to enjoy… just because.

And somewhere deep inside, I feel like God gave me a hug and told me He loves me… just because.

9 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. So funny that you blog about this Carrie! I too have fallen so far away from not only MY blog but everybody's blog … I miss it … but for so many reasons, I'm pulled away.
    I'm so glad you took some pregnancy photos–In the rush of parenthood that suddenly begins with your child's arrival, you DO forget what it was like to be pregnant! It's crazy to think about (Maybe that's God's plan to ensure you might do it all again–winkwink.) We did some photos too with our first 2 sons (poor Nolan will have none.) But Jeff did do the belly photo … I might have to share it because it turned out cool … even though I'm sure in his engineering mind he was freaking out quietly at the time! HA! Maybe it will sway Jacob for a second photo shoot?
    AND I finally mailed a pkg. to you yesterday FINALLY!
    I threw in some Chocolate and sugar cookie dough mix … but was short on anything sour (sorry!)
    Good to hear from you as God is preparing you for this upcoming metamorphosis into a MOM!


  2. So beautiful!! You are positively radiant, Carrie!! I am so glad you allowed yourself to be photographed to capture this precious time… what a treasure these pictures are and will be ๐Ÿ™‚
    And WOW, what a gorgeous hotel! It's great to hear you guys got a big ol' hug from Him… just because ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I think pregnant women are beautiful, and you are especially so. I'm home for a sick day, and reading your post made me feel better in spite of the aches & pains I'm feeling right now.


  4. You are absolutely glowing! I'm know that you will be glad one day that your friend talked you into recording this stage of parenthood.
    And what a sweet blessing to be able to spend time in a great hotel.


  5. Heh. You guys are all so sweet. You make me feel pretty at a time when I feel like a foreigner in my own skin. Personally, after a rough 5.5 months at the beginning, I think I earned an easy last trimester. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it isn't helping to earn sympathy from my husband when it comes to taking over my turn of walking the dog. He says he thinks I have “a few more weeks” left in me and that “it's good for me.”


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