Christmas Waiting

We are still waiting, but it seems like December is always a season of expectation… anticipation… so it seems fitting on these quiet and cold nights.

I’m still vacillating between impatience and acute awareness that this is the last season of our life where we will have quiet evenings at home, dates without childcare arrangements, and relative freedom.  (Thank you to those who sent gentle emails and kind comments reminding me of this!)

Though I’m pondering many things, I haven’t yet found a way to put them into words.

But I did find these words in little corners of cyberspace that I love to visit… they spoke to me as we wait for our own little one and as we approach Christmas.  I wanted to share them with you… uncommon perspectives as we wait for Christmas.

 On Joseph and a Complete Nativity Scene.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Waiting

  1. I've been praying for you, too! I know those last weeks and days of being pregnant are so hard. Perhaps it's God's way of making us so ready to hold that baby that we really don't care about the delivery.

    May you feel peace and rest as you wait for the arrival of your Christmas gift from God. (I still think he/she will come before the 25th.)

    Much Love,


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