Too Adorable

Nope. No baby yet.

But at our Christmas service this last Sunday, they showed this absolutely adorable nativity video.

I’m not sure who my favorite is… the sheep or the star, the sheep or the star. It’s a toss-up. Or maybe it’s the third king.

Oh, and we had glo-sticks at the end, too. It was a proper party.

10 thoughts on “Too Adorable

  1. ADORABLE indeed!! πŸ™‚ Okay, I'm a fan of the sheep ~ but that star was pretty cute, too! Kinda liked the donkey scene, as well! πŸ˜‰

    Can't wait for your “ADORABLE” news!! Prayin' for ya! OXO


  2. We love this video, Carrie……we have watched it many times. A good 'kiwi' version of the greatest story in history. I love the star…….so cute! Love from all the Edsx


  3. Isn't it so crazy when you are nearly due? If some-one rings and you don't answer straight away, they think you are having the baby.I used to laugh so much. People always look so disappointed when you say ” No, I was just buying milk.”
    I pray your babe comes at just the right time, hale and hearty and full of curiosity. What a blessed time to be welcoming a baby.
    Love Fiona


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