Not Yet!

Still no update of any substance.  So I bring you this picture, snapped by a friend of ours recently.  This was taken up at the office where they are doing some construction work.  And yes, he is taking a sledgehammer to the ledge he is standing on.  There’s really nothing else that needs to be said about that… except perhaps: why!??  (If you’ve spent much time in China, sites like this won’t surprise you too much.)

In baby news (since I know that’s what everyone actually wants)… had another appointment today.  Baby is perfectly fine by all counts.  Just one laid-back babe.  But if he/she doesn’t get moving on their own terms in the next two days, he/she will officially be handed an eviction notice Thursday morning.  I’m scheduled to go in at 8am Thursday morning for a hit of contraction juice (i.e. pitocin) to hopefully kick things into high gear.

It isn’t my first choice.  I’d rather this kiddo get things moving on their own… but our doctor assures me that I’m a good candidate for this.  My body is showing lots of other signs of being ready to labor — including lots and lots of contractions — but they just aren’t regular.  So she thinks in my case it’d probably serve as a trigger and not necessarily send us down a road with a lot of other interventions.

I just need to sit back and relax.  Maybe nature will still take over.  But if not, pitocin isn’t the end of the world.  And it is nice to have an “end date” in my mind.  Keep praying for us!  We’re going to need it these next few days!

(And yes, we will post something on here or on facebook as soon as we can!  They do have wireless at the hospital, so we should be able to inform you relatively quickly when we have news to share.)

12 thoughts on “Not Yet!

  1. I LOVED PITOCIN! 🙂 It did what it needed to and my babies did the rest! 🙂

    We will be praying! I'm so thankful the doctor gave you a glowing report!


  2. Scarlet Threads FB page posted an hour ago: “Someone new is about to join the Scarlet Threads family! 🙂 {Yay!}”
    Hmmm….could this be it Carrie??
    If so, many prayers for a healthy baby and uneventful birthing experience!!


  3. Talk about “fodder” for comments :>) BTW, for all you commentators . . . whom might not know . . . the 9 year old Mule “Brownie” joined our family recently!!

    Why?? “He” (read about Mules, not Hinnies :>) is going to keep the coyotes away . . . as we have been having a problem with loosing calves to these canines!!

    First, we are trying to figure this out: “It isn't my first choice. I'd rather this kiddo get things moving on their own”!! What does this mean?? “Ol” grandpa & grandma thought it was the mom who determined this event !!! ???

    The second is related to the first: “I LOVED PITOCIN! 🙂 It did what it needed to and my babies did the rest! :)” What did Carrie have to do with her arrival ?? Who was the one who pushed her head to the side, and made a “flat-head” out of her :>) (BTW, one in this family was raised in the NW!!)

    Loved this one: “hoping for some news…and this is great! Yep, and end in sight!” Wow . . . this really does speak for two expectant grandparents :>)

    The 6th?????: “I can testify that Jan 6th is a great birthday!!!” The fourth was are 37th anniversary, and we thought this would be a better pick . . . by someone :>)

    This one has to “take the cake” . . . : “Come on, baby! Time to meet your parents! :)” We are not concerned who “he/she” has been riding with?? Are we really going to be grandparents ?????? !!!!!!! Carrie already knew “the song”, when she finally “hit the ground” . . .

    Who knows about life . . . we have enjoyed our “sons & daughter” equally . . . so it will not matter who the baby may be “riding with” . . .

    Finally: “If so, many prayers for a healthy baby and uneventful birthing experience!!”

    This one is the most poignant . . . all on this list, many others around the world reading it, are awaiting the same thing . . . “an uneventful birthing experience!!”

    God’s blessings all, we love all of you dearly. “Ol” grandpa & grandma awaiting . . . along with the other “Ol” grandpa & grandma in the Texas Panhandle . . .

    P.S. The first “Ol” are awaiting to put up the star on our radio tower . . . for “all of our” “star’s in the east” . . .


  4. Very exciting.. sorry if this is just too nosey, but why the eviction notice?? Is baby having some stress issues? Hope all is well, Pitocin was not all that fun for me, at all, but the baby sure was a nice prize at the end 😉 Soon!


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