A Hoppin’ Poppin’ Celebration

Get it? Hoppin’ for the rabbit?  Poppin’ for the fireworks.  I know, bad joke.  Someone should really stop me.

Would you believe that 3.5 years of living in China, and we’d never seen a Chinese New Year fireworks display until last night?  Shameful, I know.  One year we slept through it.  (Lame!)  And two years we weren’t in the country.  This was our final chance, and we stayed up until midnight last night to ring in the Year of the Rabbit.

And wow.  The Chinese know how to do fireworks, that’s all I have to say about that.  It is sheer over-the-top madness.  You can buy what would be considered professional-grade/for-the-experts-only fireworks on the street here.  And so every single household puts on a display rivaling your local city’s Fourth of July celebration.  And they do it all at once.  It is 360 degrees (as in the whole horizon) of fireworks, and it is exhilaratingly spectacular for the sheer size and spectacle of it.  I LOVED it!

This video was shot a couple of years ago in central Beijing, but it pretty much sums up what we saw last night.


In case you missed it, I have the good news of the year… ROBERT HAS A FAMILY!  His new name is Jace.  Robert has been on my heart for such a long time, and many of you have joined us in praying for his family to find him.  Yet again, God answered!  Just a few weeks ago, I was wondering why… and now Robert is joyfully celebrating his new family.


A family who works at the foster home as house-parents for a group of older girls, the Rippees, are in the process of an adoption.  I’ve mentioned them before.  As you may know, all foreign workers at the foster home are volunteers, so the Rippees need some extra help funding their adoption.  Right now they have a t-shirt fundraiser underway… Maybe you want a new shirt?


And last but not least – we are 8 days away from departure… we especially need your prayers right now, as we have a {sometimes} fussy infant, a sick daddy, a sleep-deprived mama, a torn-apart house, and a list of people we’d like to see before we go.  EEK!  It sounds worse than it is, actually… we’re doing pretty well, but I know it’s because so many people are praying for us.

I really need to take some time to write about how God is carrying me through this journey… hopefully will find a moment in the next day or so.  But until then, know this.  I’m actually EXCITED to go home, right now.  Still a little sad to be leaving {I’m sure there are many more tears to be shed in the next week}, but mostly excited about the “next chapter,” whatever that is… and I’m learning more about God’s faithfulness as we walk through this season of uncertainty…

4 thoughts on “A Hoppin’ Poppin’ Celebration

  1. Hi Carrie!
    I'm so glad you're “livin' it up” this CNY! LOL! We were in China last year for the end of CNY and got to experience some of those fireworks…wow!
    YAY for Robert! I am still so excited over that good news!
    And I love hearing that you're “excited” to go home! And of course still sad, but I imagine there's a little sparkle in your eyes when you think about being on the same soil as your loved ones here.
    Praying for you these next EIGHT days! WOW! Praying you will focus on the Lord in the moment, and not look too far ahead! 🙂
    I have loved your blog, keeping up with your family and I have learned so much from your heart-writings. Will you pleeeeeeeeease still blog in American? Pleeeeeeeeease? 🙂


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