Sweet Days

My days are filled with this sweetness right now…

…and that is enough.

I’m thankful for this quiet and slow season.  Cora is such a sweet baby, and it’s a joy to get to know her and watch her explore her world.  She rarely cries… she must have her father’s laid-back disposition.  (But she definitely has my tendency to talk!)

Because we’re staying with family right now, it feels a bit like we’re on a vacation.  And that we’ll be headed back to China in a few weeks… I’m not sure reality is going to set in until we are settling down — wherever that might be.

It isn’t all sweetness… God has been dealing with some things in my heart that aren’t that pretty.  Issues of control and fear that run deep and seem to be rearing their ugly heads in this season of uncertainty.  I want to share more, but right now I’m just so tired…. Hopefully soon I will be able to share more.

9 thoughts on “Sweet Days

  1. OMGoodness Carrie ~ she is the sweetest!! I love those moments, they bring me back to when my 'bigs' were little. The hardest part is having missed those moments with Khloe. Yet I try not to wallow in that place, as I know it is not something I can get back. And at the same time, I know I am experiencing so many firsts with her, that her China mama is missing out on. It is bittersweet.

    I look forward to hearing what God has been refining in your heart. Your posts always seem to minister to me, and I'm guessing that one will be no different. Know that we have been keeping you in our prayers during this time of transition and trust that God will lead the way and make your path clear. In the meantime, enjoy your 'vacation' and these simple moments just soaking in the sweetness of your precious little blessing!! Could she BE any cuter!??! … I think NOT! 😉

    love and hugs,
    ~ Tanya


  2. Don't ever forget the sweetness of these early days. I remember when my daughter was a new born and I was coming home from a mom's Bible study. I got her out of her car seat and was just overwhelmed with happiness. I can still feel it…and she is almost 18!


  3. She is so absolutely precious! I just love those adorable babbles – soak it in! Praying that God will guide you and help you wait on His timing to reveal what's in store for you next.


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