Enjoying the Ride

Sorry for the blog silence… we were out of town last week. (But Laine, it is nice to know I’m missed!)

It finally feels like we’re settling into our new rhythms. We’ve been here almost a month, and it feels like I’ve finally caught up on my rest. Looking back on these last couple of months makes me whisper a prayer of thanks to God for carrying us through… the birth of our baby, the closing of a major life chapter, and the starting of a new one. Along with lots and lots of busy-ness in between. I know this blog is starting to sound like a broken record, because that’s all I ever talk about, but wow. These last few months have been CrAzY, and I feel like I’m finally catching my breath. (And realizing just how faithful God has been since we’ve made this transition unscathed!)

Cora wearing an outfit I wore as a wee babe.

Being home with our families is wonderful. Simple things like school events and family meals… and bigger deals, like our niece’s second birthday party. It’s just wonderful to BE THERE. We have missed that these last few years. And our families and friends… Wow. They deserve a WHOLE BLOG POST. A lot of times, people tell us things like, “Wow! It’s really amazing what you guys did… quitting your jobs and moving to China. Not many people could do that!” Well you know what, we couldn’t have either. We didn’t do it on our own; we have been backed by the most amazing community these last few years, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Many of our supporters have said they want to continue supporting us until Jacob finds a job. And, for as long as we need it, we have a place to live (and it isn’t in someone else’s house… it’s a house of our own), food to eat, all the baby stuff we could possibly need, and just last week, one of Jacob’s brothers and his wife gave us a car. I don’t mean loan. I mean give. We don’t deserve that. So this is what I’ve learned… when you are tempted to do something “big” that seems overwhelming and scary and impossible, I am quite confident God is just waiting to make a way… and He will use His kingdom-people to help do it. Not only will they be blessed and you’ll be provided for, but everyone involved will grow to understand that God doesn’t wish us to journey this life alone. “Be Independent” may be an American value, but is is a Kingdom one…

A NDFH adoptive mama, Andrea, made this beautiful quilt.  I love the patch of Asian fabric…

That’s not to say we don’t want to be independent… We’re both looking forward to the day that Jacob is employed and we get to settle in our “own” place.  Way back in our dating days of long ago (10 years ago!), we’d sometimes go to Home Depot and look at their model kitchens.  (Hey, we live in a small town… there aren’t many date-worthy activities.)  We’d talk about how we wanted our home to “someday look.”  At the age of 29 (tomorrow!), I might be getting close to the season of our life when we will be making those choices for ourselves for the first time.  And I have to say, some of our priorities have changed a lot, and while I’m excited about the chance to have a home of our own, I think it’s going to look a lot more scaled-down than it might have in the past… and really, I know it isn’t about the place, it’s about the people in it.  And I can make an apartment feel like a home.  I’m just ready to have a place of our own…

She’s a fan of the bath…

Jacob’s in the thick of a job search… many of you have written to say that you’re praying for us, and we so appreciate it.  He’s had a few solid leads and a couple of interviews.  So far, none of the interviews have panned out and/or been for jobs that he’s super interested in.  But there is one position that he’s super interested in.  Last summer, he contacted a small company to express an interest in their work.  He didn’t hear anything from them until a few weeks ago, when the owner asked if he was still looking for work.  (Good timing, right?!)  They’ve talked a little bit so far, but haven’t had a chance to really talk due to the company being in the thick of a major project.  Hopefully they’ll have a chance to talk more soon.  Jacob’s really excited about the possibility, but at this point, he doesn’t know any details… will you pray that if this is “the one,” things will fall into place?  All along, I’ve been hoping and praying that Jacob would find a job that he just flat-out loves.  And he gets excited talking about this, so it might be that type of position.

My two girls.  Seeing who’s longer.  (I didn’t pose this.)

We’re all adjusting to this new life.  LeLe is taking to Cora, as you can see from above (one of my absolutely favorite pictures – makes me laugh every time I see it), and Cora is growing like a WEED.  She had her 2-month checkup, and she’s just perfectly average.  (50th percentile for height and weight; 80th for head circumference.  That’s probably because I tell her she’s adorable all the time.  It’s giving her a big head.)  Tell me, please, how do you slow this down?!  I’m already sad that she’s growing up so quickly.  Time flies.  Some parts of the last few months aren’t missed… but the newborn sweetness is.  Now she’s starting to drool, discovering her hands, ‘talking’ nonstop, smiling at whoever looks her way, and wanting to look around at the big bright world whenever she’s awake.  Now that I’m more rested and some of the harder parts are behind us, I’m loving being Cora’s mama.  More than I thought I would, honestly.

Me and the babe, on her 2-month bday.

I’m also doing a lot of thinking about what else I want to ‘do’ during this season of my life.  Scarlet Threads lives on (and thrives!), and I’m going to stay involved in NDFH’s work… though I’m not sure to what extent yet.  I also want to write more, and I want to learn to knit!  I know.  Crazy.  I can’t do it all.  But, I can’t wait to see how things progress over the next few months… God has been so faithful so far; I know His goodness will continue, and I’m looking forward to the ride.  As you know, I’m trying to learn to let go of control… and as one of my friends once said, not only get out of the driver’s seat, but just sit back and color, unconcerned about “where” we’re going, but just making the most of the ride. 

5 thoughts on “Enjoying the Ride

  1. Oh I am so thankful for the people who are taking such good care of your precious family. God is still providing…it is really overwhelming sometimes how He has everything all worked out. Cora is so precious and you are right..sadly they change and grow so fast. I'm glad you guys are settling in and you are just being loved on. Praying for a job for Jacob that he will absolutely bounce out of bed each morning for!
    P.S. Laine is pretty special isn't she?


  2. I have been lurking on your blog for a long time. I am just thrilled to say that precious little baby of yours grow. She is too cute! Welcome back!


  3. Yay! What a wonderful update! Before I forget, that picture of LeLe and Cora all stretched out? ADORABLE!

    I love hearing how God has given you encouragers, supporters, cheerleaders, and so much more than we could ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20) during this transition! Such an answer to our prayers for provision!

    And I know He already has just the home for you! I know what you mean about the 'dream' of how you wanted to decorate your home, etc. and how that has changed because of new perspectives. I read somewhere about a foreign Believer coming to the U.S. and upon seeing our homes and all the construction of new homes, he remarked, “Why do you all put so much into your home which is not eternal?”(or something to that effect, I can't remember the exact words) That was so convicting. (I wish I could remember where I read that…was it your blog? 🙂

    Anyway, I LOVE the pic of you and Cora! So sweet! She is a DOLL, and so are you!

    We'll be praying for Jacob to have the job that is God's best!

    Thank you thank you thank you for the update, Carrie! I love the quote at the end about enjoying the ride….I want to color in the back seat! (But too often I peek out of the corner of my eye to make sure we're going the right way–ugh!) 🙂

    Love this quote of yours by the way: “when you are tempted to do something “big” that seems overwhelming and scary and impossible, I am quite confident God is just waiting to make a way… and He will use His kingdom-people to help do it. Not only will they be blessed and you'll be provided for, but everyone involved will grow to understand that God doesn't wish us to journey this life alone.”

    So many of us need this right now!

    Big hugs and continued prayers for your sweet family….


  4. So happy to hear you are settling in and being taken care of so well!
    Such a busy, crazy time and also such a testimony of God's faithfulness.

    Cora is soo cute– and the photo of her with your dog is priceless.

    Hope you have a happy, happy birthday!


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