So yesterday was my birthday.  I’m 29.  Usually I’m a little sad about birthdays (something about time marching on), but I’m not this year…

Maybe it’s because of this sweetness.

But actually I think it is something else, mostly…  I’m 29.  Which means I’m almost 30.  Which means I’m 6 months away from 29.5.  You know what we’re officially eligible to do once I hit 29.5?

Start paperwork for an adoption from China…

Now, to be perfectly honest, we aren’t really ready for that quite yet.

Due to this sweetness.

But, the fact that we’ll be eligible is a big deal!  We aren’t sure what God’s timing is for us in the future or how things might change, but at this point, we still feel pretty strongly that our #2 kiddo will come via an airplane ride.

You know, way back before I was preggers, I got really fearful that if I had a baby I would morph into some version of myself that I didn’t recognize… someone who only cared about her own baby and who only wanted to bake cookies all day.  I read a book by Kay Warren, and in it she said (I’m paraphrasing), that if God gives you a heart for your family and a heart for the world, that He’ll make a way for you to love both well, as they are both part of His heart.  That really sunk in with me, and honestly gave me some of the courage I needed to say, “OK, I think I’m ready to see if we can have a wee one.”

And you know what I’m finding now?

Now that I have this sweetness in my life?

I’m finding that my heart for orphans and my heart for their mamas and daddies is growing exponentially!  Sure, my attention is mostly focused on our little one right now, as it should be.  But, in my heart, I’m bursting with a deeper love for the children of this world who do not have families and grieving with a greater sorrow for the families who gave them up.

So year 29?  I think it is going to be a thing of beauty… and I’m excited about it.  Because it is going to be filled with a whole lotta sweetness.

18 thoughts on “Sweetness

  1. ^_^ that's such an encouraging post…I've thought of that before, what happens after people have their own kids, do they change their mind about other kids?

    29…I've never associated any meaning with that number before, that sounds great now 🙂

    I love the photo in the healing home 🙂 thanks for posting!


  2. Happy Birthday to you!!! So happy to hear how motherhood is impacting you. It is truly a sweet thing…whether it happens by birth or adoption. And you're absolutely right, you can have BOTH a heart for the world and a heart for your family. I'm anxious to see how God “blends” your two passions. 🙂


  3. This post brought tears to my eyes! I would have told you after reading your blog for so long now that I didn't see any way that you would care only about your own baby. Your heart is much bigger and more directed by the one who created it than that…


  4. Carrie!!! It's sooo true! When you have that heart….God certainly makes a way for a little one to come via airplane.

    I wondered if I was the only one who felt that way about turning 30. I woke up that morning and my first thought was “we're legal” lol. I bet you will too.

    The adoption journey you will have will be wonderful to follow.

    Hope you birthday was fabulous!


  5. I'm turning 29 in a week and I'm excited about it, too! My 20's were great, but I'm dreaming that my 30's will be even better and fuller in a different way.

    Good to know that you need to be 30 to adopt. If I had the opportunity to adopt, I would be so honored.


  6. Ohhh, I felt the same way about turning 29, it meant only one more year! I will hit 29.5 in May and I'm jazzed about it, but also like you our youngest is 3 months old and will push that plan back a bit. But only a bit!

    Never thought I'd be so happy to turn 30!


  7. Oh, I remember how much I wanted to be 30 so we could adopt from China. And then boom, we were blessed with a domestic adoption and had to delay a bit. However, I still got my China blessing in time!

    Happy birthday, just a little late!


  8. sweet post, and perfectly spoken about mama-hood. We have wanted to adopt for some time… but life just kept throwing us curve balls. You what we have 'almost' decided? Those curves aren't gonna stop so what are we waiting for? The Lord seems to be prompting us to start the China adoption process soon… excited and slightly terrified, but ready to get the ball rolling non-the-less! (thankful I'm 32 🙂

    Your blog has been instrumental in feeding my love for orphans. And since I have a natural connection to China (having grown up there), it seems only natural to adopt from there.

    Can't wait to read about your journey! Your little 'sweetness' is just precious!!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!


  9. Ahhhhhhh – I can remember turning 29 🙂

    And we turned in our application for our Chinese princess at 29.5!!!

    I can't wait to see the family the Lord has in store for you!
    Cora will be a precious big (or LITTLE) sister!



  10. Oh I soooo counted down the days until I was 29.5! LOL Then, my 30th birthday came and I was celebrating with the largest smile on my face. We were logged in before I was 30.5. 🙂

    and Happy Birthday!!!


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