Two Daughters

I thought of her the morning I first held my daughter, but I didn’t yet know her name. Cradling new, beautiful, perfect life in my arms, I rejoice. Yet in that moment I remember: the sweet often has the bitter, and I think about the babies born that day who would not remain in their mothers’ arms. Faceless and nameless, yet no less precious than my sweet Cora Eve.

Jace (Robert) will be joining his adoptive family soon!  What an answer to prayer!!  I still can’t get over how good God is… anyway, his family is raising money for his adoption, and they have a t-shirt fundraiser going on.  If you want, you can support the Race to Jace by purchasing a t-shirt.  It’s a great cause!!!  (I promise causes don’t get sweeter or more adorable than Jace!)

4 thoughts on “Two Daughters

  1. Not sure how I missed that post! But going to read it now, Carrie!
    Thank you for letting us know about the “Race to Jace!” He is a cutie for sure!


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