God’s Grace

I’m not sure what we did to deserve this…  This baby who never, ever cries. Seriously. I think I’ve heard her seriously upset about 2-3 times in the last 2 months. The first few weeks, she was pretty fussy. But since then, she’s been this angel baby.

(Certainly doesn’t take after her mother. I’m anything but quiet. But Jacob, on the other hand… I guess we have him to thank for this blissful babe.)

It actually makes me laugh when she gets upset… because it is just so pathetic. She tries so hard to get mad, but the cry just sort of peters out before she even finishes one breath’s worth. Though perhaps it was a bit mean, don’t think I didn’t film it. I’m not joking when I say this is majorly upset for our Ms. Cora.

See what I mean? Sort of a joke…

But I’m not complaining! Who would complain about having a baby who rarely cries?

And since someday I won’t remember any of this, here’s what else is going on in our little gal’s world:

  • Of course I think she has a cute little smile… when she really grins, her eyes scrunch all up and nearly disappear behind her cheeks.
  • She has found her laugh, occasionally… if we laugh at her or blow on her neck. Or, as my dad discovered, if you tickle her cheeks with her toes.
  • She tasted ice-cream and made the funniest face ever.
  • She has discovered her hands, and those darn pesky things just can’t seem to be trusted around her eyes. Talk about lethal weapons!  But she is able to control them more and more… 
  • She is losing interest in her pacifier, and instead finds her hand… she doesn’t suck on her finger, more of her whole fist. Which leads me to believe that like her mama, she may someday be able to get her whole fist in her mouth. (Yes, I can actually do that. Don’t ask me how I figured it out.)
  • She is plump. Just about 12 pounds now. It is settling mostly in her forearms (hello Popeye!), her belly (hello Buddha!), and her cheeks (which are ever so kissable.) We’ve started calling her our little baozi, for she is just about as round as a Chinese steamed bun.
  • She has almost rolled over (from back to stomach). The only thing holding her back is her head, which stays in place and anchors her down.
  • She sleeps with us. I think we both sleep better this way, and it sure makes her middle-of-the-night feedings easier! And, I love waking up with her snuggled against me. She somehow migrates until her cheek is touching my shoulder. (And no, I’m not worried about smothering her or something. I’m very aware of her presence at night, though I still sleep very well!)  She is only young once, and I’m pretty sure there’s a day quickly coming when the last thing she’ll want to do is snuggle with her mom.
  • She is the slowest-waker-uper ever (again, like her mama). She goes down at night at about 9:30 and wakes up nearly on the dot at 3am to eat. Then she sleeps again until about 6, when she is hungry again. And then tries to start waking up at about 8, but it takes until nearly 9 for her eyes to remain open. The funny thing is, she’s ready for a morning nap by 10:30, and sleeps until nearly noon.
  • When she is tired, she grunts and moans instead of cries. I’m not kidding… it’s the funniest thing… She’ll take a deep breath, and then exhale and make it vibrate her vocal chords. Then she does it again and again, until she finally conks out.
  • She takes the best naps if she gets to sleep on my chest or in her swing.  At night, she only sleeps if she is swaddled.  I like watching her when we swaddle her… it instantly calms her down.  She turns limp and it is as if she’s saying, “OK – Take me to bed!”
  • She is like a little bird.  Her mouth is always open, searching for something eat.  What’s particularly amusing is when she tries to latch on to her own cheeks.  You see, they’ve really grown in size these last few weeks, and when she turns her head while lying down, her cheek sort of squishes up into the edge of her mouth.  She feels it brushing her lips, and so she starts turning her head even further, rooting for her own cheek.  Sorry babe!  Nothing there!!
  • If she wants to, she can support all of her weight on her legs.  But she doesn’t really want to, most of the time.  She can also sit up when she is propped with some pillows, and she particularly loves it since she can look all around.  Oh how she hates tummy time… I’m not particularly good at making her do it frequently.

She’s keeping me busy. I really love spending time with her, and I’m so thankful she’s such an easy-going baby. I really expected a high-maintenence child, but instead got this picture of God’s grace.

Oh and the headband?  That’s something I made, and it makes me smile.  She reminds me of the Chiquita banana lady, for some reason. 

7 thoughts on “God’s Grace

  1. She's getting so big! I can't believe those cheeks… and the headband is precious. Just curios, but has she grown out of the stuff that I made her?

    It sounds as if God has blessed you with the perfect baby for this time in your life. He always gives us the perfect blessings!

    Have fun with your baozi!



  2. Baozi..I love that! Oh Carrie she is a dumpling! So much cuteness in one post!

    My oldest was a high maintenance baby, God love her. And when my 2nd came along, he was the most laid back child ever, rarely cried, much like you describe Cora. I seriously thought something was wrong with him and my sister said “No, Laine! He's just GOOD!” 🙂
    And she was right and I relished it! Enjoy your relishing!


  3. Precious!! Goodness, what a sweet baby girl she is 🙂
    Love learning all the details about her, you will savor having written all this down because you are right, you will forget!
    And the headband? CUTE!!


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