Rolling On

Can someone please tell me what happened to my little, itty-bitty baby?

After weeks of almost rolling over, yesterday morning she mastered it.  Just about one week short of her 4-month birthday.  And we weren’t even there to see it.  Figures.

Jacob had laid her in the living room on her back, and when I walked back in the room a few moments later, she was on her stomach.  I asked Jacob if he’d helped flip her over, and he said no.  So this was all her.  The night before, she’d been trying really, really hard, and her Grandpa McKean kept helping flip her arm out from under her.  (That’s what’s been holding her back these last few weeks.)  I think that extra help taught her what she needed to do, or something… because first thing the next morning, taaa daaa!  Here she was when we walked in the living room:

This is exactly how we found her yesterday morning… 

And now she has become a bit OCD with it.  She won’t stay on her back for more than 2 minutes without flipping over to her stomach.

Problem is, she hasn’t quite figured out how to go the other way, and she is none too happy to be on her tummy for very long.  (I’ve never been great about making her do much tummy time.)  So I’m spending a good part of my time now flipping her back over to her back when she gets too frustrated.

(Something similar happens with her pacifier/motor control.  She’s easily able to use her hands to get it out of her mouth… not so simple to get it back in, especially when she is sleepy.  That’s mama’s job.  Over. And over. And over again.)

I’m glad she’s developing healthily and normally, but seriously… it is happening way too fast.

Oh wow! What have I done!?


And in other rolling news, we’re “rolling on.”

We’ve accepted the position in Texas.  In Midland/Odessa area, actually.  Anyone know anyone down there?  We don’t.  😦  Oh well, friends can be made.  I’ve already emailed someone from the MOPs group, so hopefully that will prove to be a good way to meet new people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers.  This has been a hard decision.  Lots and lots of tears and frustration and immobilization, but finally we feel pretty good about it all.  So in the end, the decision was sort of made “for us,” which is actually a really good thing.  We had almost settled on the TX job, but were really sad with the thought that we were turning down beautiful Portland, OR and all of my extended family in favor of a desert where we don’t know anyone.  (I know some people really love the desert.  Those people would not be us.)  I think we would have always wondered “what if.”  But at the last minute, the Portland offer fell through.  The boss emailed Jacob and said they had lost some projects, and as a result would no longer be expanding their staff.  Well there you go.  Decision made.  It was like a big weight was removed… phew.

His tentative start date is May 6, but finding housing is proving difficult.  (The only industry in the area is oil/gas, and it’s booming now.)  So we’ll just have to wait and see what we can find… we’re going down next week to look at apartments.  Most of the complexes we’ve called have literally laughed at us when they heard how quickly we want to move in.  So that’s a prayer request… that, and it is super-expensive for really old apartments.  (Again, due to booming oil/gas, I suppose.)  Please pray that A) we can find a place to live, B) it is reasonable, and C) we don’t have to live in a 1970s cave-style apartment.  I don’t do well with dark and dingy, and I’ll be spending a lot of time in our little abode.

To all of our northwestern friends, I’m sorry… 😦  I’m sad we won’t be there.  But this new job will afford us more of a travel budget, and I already plan on making a few trips to see my grandparents a year.  Maybe we can meet up!

16 thoughts on “Rolling On

  1. And…it begins:) She is so super proud of herself! I love it!

    Congratulations on the new job! My Aunt and Uncle used to live in Midland and all of my cousins grew up there and just loved the small town feel. They have all moved away now hear Houston:( Sorry…I would have liked to have hooked you up with some family!!! Praying for a place to live…those people can laugh all they want but our God can move the tallest of mountains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I have been a long time reader/lurker. I live about 45 minutes from Midland. I just read about the housing situation in Midland last week. Good luck finding something. Prepare yourselves for lots of wind and blowing dirt!


  3. Miss Cora is simply getting too big! Rolling over? Already? If we could just keep them little longer!

    Congrats on the job offer. So merciful of God to make His will perfectly clear. Trust He has big plans in Midland for you and yours.

    Sending up prayers for housing from Hong Kong,


  4. Hi Carrie,
    I'm glad that the job decision has been made. I'll be praying for your housing situation, I know you can make any place homey and warm, but it's not to start with a nice canvas.

    That's funny what Ms. Dobbs said about Midland, wind and blowing dirt…kind of like QingYunDian 🙂

    Please send your address after everything settles down.



  5. Babies grow up WAY too fast. Glad you're able to savor these moments with Cora. 🙂

    Also glad to hear that God has given you and Jacob some direction for the future. I know being in “limbo” isn't easy…especially with a baby! I was selfishly hoping that you'd be coming to the DFW area, but if Midland is where God wants you then Midland it is! 🙂 I'll be praying about the housing situation. My parents also live in a booming oil town (in South Texas) and they are having similar issues there. Just remember that God is going BEFORE you and working out all the details on your behalf!!!


  6. Congrats on the decision! Also praying that the Lord will lead you to the right apartment which I know He will. Continue to keep your eyes focused on Him and His direction.



  7. She's incredibly precious. And adorable. I'm praying for more wisdom and opened doors and I'm so happy that the “door got closed” on the OR job… having things ruled out makes decisions SO much easier. I can definitely understand your relief when you only had one option. It's a lot easier when God makes the choice because you know that he has something really special in store for you wherever you go.


  8. Wow!!! so soon!!! Levi is not even close to rolling over, but he's behind Cora a few weeks, and he's 20lbs now. That's a lot of boy to roll. She is sooooo beautiful. I know you must be enjoying every moment. Ah, yes, they go way to fast.

    Hey, congrats on the job off and pretty obvious direction! The Lord will lead you to the right home for you, I am sure….and also….you will find some awesome friends!

    I remember when we moved out to the Philly area and knew NO ONE. Now, three years later, I long for all my friends out there, and miss them sorely. Surely, God will knit your hearts with some new friends.


  9. @everyone – We've just been introduced to someone we already know, but didn't know lived there! So we at least have one friend! Yay! Thx for prayers for place to live…

    @Shawna – oh the wind and blowing dirt… #1 reason I DIDN'T want to move there. The day we visited, the wind was blowing so hard, the dirt was covering the roads! I told Jacob we HAVE to live in an older, established part of town so there will be trees and ground cover. 😦

    @Joan – it is like QYD. I love QYD for many reasons, but the climate is not one of them. I thought I'd escaped that… 😦

    @Molly – what are you feeding that boy?! Cream??! 🙂 That's crazy! Cora's almost 14 lbs, and seems pretty hefty to me! You need to post some updated pictures so we can see what 20 lbs of cuteness looks like.


  10. Love the Cora update. How is it possible she is so mobile already?! Congratulations on the new job. I can't wait to see how god meets you there in Midland. i do have to input a wee little whine though. Guess who's coming to Portland at the end of May? Samuel was just accepted into treatment at Portland Shriners and I thought for sure we'd get a chance to connect. Ah well. 🙂 I am thankful to come by here and read your update though. Praying that you will be able to see His goodness (and new friends!) from the beginning of your time in TX.


  11. Glad you guys have a job. I used to spend a good bit of time in the Midland / Odessa area in one of my previous jobs and it is not a bad place. Blessings as you relocate and establish a home in a new location.


  12. YAY Cora! Awesome news. She will figure out the tummy to back soon enough. So cute. Grace did the opposite she rolled tummy to back and then back to tummy. She hated tummy time for the longest time too and then when I was at my moms she was all of a sudden up on her arms and rolling over, crazy how fast they learn.

    Good luck with your new adventure. Keep in touch.



  13. Love those rolling babies with rolls! 🙂 I love how you are enjoying every roll, too!

    A Texas job! Alrightey then! We've been praying and now will praise God for His answer! And we will continue to pray as you transition…He's gone before you to Midland, He's got it!

    Such a privilege to pray for you…


  14. OH….SO super excited for you. I know that the location doesn't seem ideal to you, but it seems that's where God has for you to be, so YAY for the fact that He provided and that He has plans for you there! I have NO doubt he'll provide the perfect place for you!

    And, don't feel badly about the desert….I'd hate living there too!

    And, if you think the first 4 months of Cora's life went quickly, buckle up. I'm not kidding, it starts going at WARP speed once they hit a year. You'll blink and she'll be starting first grade while you wonder when she learned to survive without you (how DARE she?). It's bittersweet this parenting thing! But, she's AWFULLY cute, and CLEARLY advanced! 🙂


  15. How blessed you all are to find a job in this economy! 🙂 Be still and listen to God. He will tell you exactly when this season is ending and when to start a new season. Sit back relax and enjoy every moment of your time with the baby she will be grown tomorow… nearly anyway. EMBRACE the moment!!!


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