Responsible Parenting

First of all, before I tell you just how uh-MAZE-ing of a mama I am, can I just say PRAISE JESUS for the response you guys gave to the matching grant drive?!  We MADE it!  With a few weeks to spare, I might add!  I am uber-excited… especially since I just got an email today from NDFH saying that they are bringing in two little ones with very severe heart problems… medical funds are needed more than ever.  And if you were going to give, but hadn’t done it yet, don’t let the end of the drive stop you.  This is one of the most urgent needs NDFH has, and donations are welcome anytime


So, on to the stories.

I’m really observant… let me assure you.  I watch my daughter like a hawk.


So we were in the Houston airport on a layover during our recent trip back to Midland from Portland where Cora and I were visiting my grandparents.  Cora was rolling around on a blanket at my feet, and I was chatting with the lady next to me.  I had slid my shoes off, and could feel Cora at my ankles, happily playing and rolling around.

And then the ticket agent came up to me.

“Umm, excuse me,” she said.

I smiled, “Yes.”

“Umm… I don’t think you realize this,” she paused, “But your daughter is sucking on your shoe.”

And by golly, she was.  Had the whole thing in her mouth and was licking the bottom of it.  I am not too finicky about germs, but that grossed even me out.  I earned lots of points for watching my daughter that day.


And then today, at the grocery store checkout line…  I was in front of the cart paying my bill, while Cora was sitting in her car seat facing away from me.  The lady behind me in line all of a sudden interrupted my transaction.  I thought she was going to tell me how adorable my little girl was.  (Because, of course, she is.  I mean look at her!!!)

But instead, it was another stellar parenting moment being brought to my attention by a complete stranger.

“Your daughter is eating your shopping list, I think.”

She was ever-so-polite, acting as if it were the most normal thing in the world.  I leaned around the cart, expecting some little corner of the list in her mouth.  But instead, I found Cora’s mouth STUFFED with paper.  I mean seriously, if she’d swallowed… well, don’t want to think about it.  I generally try to keep choking hazards away from her, but evidently I have my off days.

Next time I won’t let her play with the shopping list.  Lesson learned.

9 thoughts on “Responsible Parenting

  1. Haven loved licking the bottoms of shoes when she was crawling around. It is incredibly gross, but it got to where it happened so often that eventually I would only take them away when someone who would be utterly appalled at my permissiveness was over (that's probably most people). They crawl on the floor and then stick their fingers in their mouths…that can't be any dirtier. I think you just treat Cora like she's a second or third child–like she isn't going to break if she isn't watched like a hawk. Good job, Mama. As far as the grocery list…that stuff just happens. And, always in public too when you are trying to do fifty other things. Cora was just recycling.


  2. Carrie, my six-month-old's favorite things to nom are flip-flops. He will hunt them down! I think it's the texture, he is teething. He also will come over and suck on my toes if he can get to them. Now that he's crawling and teething, I joke that every diaper is a surprise, “Wow, I don't remember you eating… LEAVES???”

    So glad the fundraiser went well!


  3. You are an AMAZING mom. I love those stories. Can't get any more real that that. This from the mom who let her child roll off the bed in China so that the had a carpet burn mark on her forehead for all the important photos…


  4. TOO funny! 😉 Don't ya just love those great parenting moments!?! LOL!! But sucking on your shoe or eating your shopping list, there is NO DOUBT everyone involved was still admiring how stink'in ADORABLE she is!!!

    Still giggling…. :o)



  5. …oh, and I'm SO glad about the fundraiser!! That is just incredible!

    I was contacted by her awhile back to post on my blog about it, too… but I haven't been able to load a post in over a month since I joined my Google account, and I can only comment on certain blogs, depending on how their commenting format is set up, I think. It is SO frustrating! But despite my inability to help out and post about it as I had hoped, I'm SO glad you and others were… and in God's PERFECT timing for those new children who just arrived in need of some serious surgeries! I love how God comes through like that!!! AWESOME praise report! <><


  6. Ahh…Nothing is quite so humbling as being a Mom. You know all that is a sign of how incredibly intelligent she it! She actually is figuring out how things work and on her way to being an engineer! She already has realized the toe is connected to the foot bone, and when starving, paper will do in a pinch! Wait until she starts sticking things up her tiny little nose…like marbles…you think they won't fit, but somehow they do.

    Note to Carrie: make sure to have all necessary Momma not Tylenol or Advil…long handled tweezers!

    She's a DOLL!!!



  7. This is funny from where I sit!!!

    I can so relate on so many occasions! I bet the lady who alerted you to the paper in her mouth had btdt herself.

    She is a beautiful baby!!!

    As for stellar parenting, my 8YO son is battling a nasty staff infection (yes, the MRSA variety accd. to the lab). He tells me in front of the doctor, “Mom, it was a bug bite but I kept itching it … and I just didn't tell you it was oozing.”

    The doctor looks at me and says, “A month, really?” I say, “Maybe so.”

    He gets out his rubber gloves and starts measuring the wound! After a painful experience for my son (and me having to watch), we got meds and the dr. tells me frankly, “I have seen worse.”

    :))) Wishing you many more stellar parenting moments!!!


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