Such Fun

So I’ve already posted these videos to facebook, so if you’re friends with me there and enjoy watching videos of my daughter as much as I do (heh.), then you’ve probably already seen all of these. But, I know some people don’t use Facebook (hi Laine and Grandma!), so I wanted to be sure to share them here, too.

Because one can never have too much cuteness.

(Note to my grandma: If you want to watch these, just click the triangle button in the middle or bottom left of each video with your mouse! They should play automatically.)

Standing Tall!
A Little Dip
Giggle Box
Got an appetite, maybe?!

2 thoughts on “Such Fun

  1. oh my goodness Carrie…she is a HOOT!
    We just watched every single video and were laughing so hard! My favorite is how you and Jacob are enjoying each moment with her…how could you not, though? With those chomping cheeks? Mercy!
    Love your roller coaster post too btw.

    Thank you for remembering me and your Grandma who I guess are the only two people left on the planet who don't FB? šŸ™‚ I'm honored to be mentioned with Grandma. And I LOVE that you told your Grandma what to click to make the video play. That made me smile!

    You know where I'm heading in a couple of weeks, right? Let me know if you need anything….


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