Ok, these two videos are just simply awesome…

So Cora discovered her “snort” the day before yesterday. So since then, we’ve been hearing a lot of this:

But when she laughs, as she did while watching Jacob and LeLe play, the snort takes center stage. Warning: It is a known fact that baby laughs are contagious; so watching this video might make you laugh so hard you’ll pee your pants. Consider yourself warned.


And did you hear about the new Mama doing a matching grant fundraiser for NDFH? Another family decided to sponsor a $2,000 matching grant fundraiser… You’ll have to read their story. I think it is beautiful… how many families have adopted children who have benefitted from surgeries funded by others? Now we have a chance to “pay it forward” and give the gift of life to another child and the gift of that child to their someday adoptive family.

Undoubtedly inspired by how quickly everyone raised $5,000 go be matched, they offered to do another $2,000! When the matches are in, folks, that would be a total of $14,000! We are just $1,800 away from reaching the total goal of $14,000! That’s small potatoes, people! I know several people wrote and said they didn’t get a chance to donate the last time, because it ended so quickly! Well, here’s your chance! Same cause/same place/different ChipIn widget. My hairbow offer is still in effect, if that somehow is a motivator! 🙂  Oh, and for convenience, I put the new ChipIn widget up on my blog… feel free to do the same on yours!  But you should still go read their story.

2 thoughts on “Snortin’

  1. Well let me just say THANK YOU FOR THE WARNING!!!!! 🙂
    That was HILARIOUS! She has the most infectious laugh I have EVER heard on a baby that young!
    My kiddos are already in bed but I will have to remember to show them this one…they won't wanna miss it!


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