Big Dreams

So I have to tell you there’s this little hope I’ve been harboring in my heart.  As a community, we’ve raised $14,000 for New Day Foster Home’s medical fund this summer.  Can you say AMAZING?

Seriously, that was just such an exciting part of my summer.  But there was this little piece of my heart that wanted more.  I hoped we could tip the scale and raise $20,000 for the fund.

Another bloggy friend emailed and said she and her family decided that they wanted to get involved.  So they are offering a $5,000 matching grant.  You know what that means?

My hope would be blown out of the water by an extra $4,000 dollars!  If we can meet this match grant, we’d have raised $24,000 this summer for NDFH’s medical fund. 

Friends, I know it is a strain, and I know I’ve already asked a few times in the past few weeks… and I know many of you have already given generously and sacrificially.  But I really believe we can do this!! 

Because you know what it means?

It means more friendships like these:
And more sweet dreams like these:
And more joyous days like these:

In short, it means LIFE for precious, beautiful children who need us to carry them when it seems like the world has forgotten.

We can do this for them.  I know it.

Fine Print:  To give, just click on the ChipIn box in the top right of this blog.  You can also add the code for the ChipIn box to your own blog.  Let’s share this cause with our facebook friends and any other communities we are a part of.  All funds go directly to NDFH, not to me or any other middleman.  And my hairbow offer still stands!  (That is, for any donation of $50 or more, email me and I’ll make you a hairbow.  I cover the cost of the hairbow, so your full donation goes to NDFH. This is just my fun little icing on the cake.)

2 thoughts on “Big Dreams

  1. Thank you SO much for giving life to this matching grant challenge with your beautiful way with words! I have been hoping that it would take off soon … but ya know … I shoulda been praying–so much more happens with that.
    I love your “little” dream … that means so many BIG things for others. You have a beautiful heart Carrie! And I just know this can happen!!! YAY!


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