A Joyful Gift

I’ve been far too silent on this blog… so much going on my life and in my heart. But can’t put it all into words right now.

So I’ll just say this.

Remember this last summer when we raised $30,000 for our much-loved NDFH? Well we’re at it again. Two NDFH adoptive families have each pledged $2500 for a matching grant drive. We’re trying to raise the other $5000 this month. When we reach the goal, New Day will have $10,000; the funds they need to pay for Wendy’s and Asa’s surgeries.

There isn’t a much more joyful gift than the gift of life and hope, don’t you agree?

Details can be found on the Scarlet Threads blog… we’re offering a few sweet rewards to those who contribute, too! Be sure to check it out!!

3 thoughts on “A Joyful Gift

  1. So excited to see that Wendy and Asa will be the recipients of the generosity of folks around the globe!

    Is there a way for some of us who would like to help spread the word post the chip in button on our blogs?


  2. Yes, Kristi – You can! On the ChipIn Box is a button that says “copy.” You copy that code, and paste it into an HTML widget which you then place wherever you wish on your blog. Hope that helps!


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