That’s What She Says

Disclaimer: This post is really for me.  File it under blog-as-baby-book.  I know someday I’m going to wonder what she was doing/saying at 16 months old.  Now I’ll know where to look.  🙂

My gal is full of chatter these days… I don’t want to forget what she’s saying right now.

Ball (anything round)
Bubbies (bubbles)
Zhush (juice)
No (very emphatically, most of the time. she is nothing if not opinionated)
Meow (when she sees a cat. or a rabbit.)
RHuff (mostly a breathing exercise, but definitely intended to be a dog barking. Or a wolf.  Or a fox.  Or sometimes any furry animal on four legs.)
DuhDuh (LeLe.  Poor dog, her name got dumbed down.)
Mommy (Funny, since I’ve always called myself Mama to her)
Shoooos (Shoes)
Hi (complete with parade-wave.  this is her favorite thing to do in stores.  most people don’t notice, which makes me sad for her and want to stop them and tell them to wave at her.)
Duckies (debuted last week as 3 very eager ducks snatched potato chips from her hands.)
Ish (Fish)

She likes to point out every single bird she sees in the sky.  And like my little brother, William, did at her age – every airplane, too.  She doesn’t quite say those words yet, though.  But I think she’s trying.

She likes telling DuhDuh no.  She points her finger at her a lot.  DuhDuh hides in the corner; she believes the wee one might actually have some authority.  (Which just goes to show, dogs have a better handle on reality than their masters do, sometimes.)

My absolute favorite thing ‘lil Miss does is nod her head convincingly while she’s chattering away at me.  I wish I could get it on video, but she always stops doing it when a camera comes out.  She usually puts her two hands up and moves them in conjunction with her bobbing head, and her eyebrows always have this very intense/serious configuration.  I love it. 

She has a book and likes to point out the pictures that she knows, even if she can’t yet say the words.  Which right now include:
teddy bear
tongue (her favorite! she sticks it out!)

2 thoughts on “That’s What She Says

  1. Oh my goodness. I have a list very much like this somewhere for my first two kids! I can picture the ratted piece of paper but have no idea where it is. Maybe I ought to go find it before Maggie starts driving this summer! Virginia


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