Tap, Tap… Can anyone hear me?

I’m not sure if anyone is still here… after all, blogger is reminding me that the last time I published something was February 26, 2013.  For someone who loves to write, that’s a bit absurd.

Phew… no excuses – except busy-ness.  Busy with my beautiful whirlwind of a daughter.  Busy with adoption (!!) paperwork.  Busy with Scarlet Threads.  Not so busy that I don’t have time to sit down and read a good book to my favorite little girl, but busy enough that I fail to write as often as I’d like.

But then Stefanie from Ni Hao Yall asked if I would write through our adoption journey for No Hands But Ours.  And my fingers have been itching to write, and I knew if I had a deadline it would be more likely to happen… so I said yes.

And… you can find my first post over there today.


I’ve loved rain for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the drought-struck Panhandle of Texas in a family intimately tied to agriculture (which is intimately tied to annual rainfall), rain was like our manna… necessary for our survival. Except it didn’t come every day.

One of my earliest memories is of praying. Staring out the window of our small trailer, feeling the worry and stress of the adults, I prayed for rain to fill the deep cracks splitting open the soil. I was only 3.

And, predictably, my next earliest memory is of bargaining with God.

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6 thoughts on “Tap, Tap… Can anyone hear me?

  1. Yay! So good to hear from you! I love your writing, and am so excited for you! 🙂
    Gwen (mama of Sarah Mei, New Day kiddo, adopted Nov. 2008)


  2. I found you through No Hands But Ours and the timing couldn't be better…I literally gasped as I read your story. We have felt a call to adoption for years, specifically China special needs adoptions, but have had to wait until I would be 30 to start the paperwork. Well, here we are, officially able to proceed, and feeling a surprising call to not just adoption, but international missions as well. I can't even begin to explain the circumstances, but New Day has been on our hearts for months now as we pray over where God is asking us to take a step forward. We have 2 young children (3,1) and are just trying to understand what the future holds (ha!). Is it even feasible to move to China with a young family and volunteer in any effective way? Is adoption the road we always thought it would be for our family or just the seed that sparked our love and passion for orphans? Why do they feel mutually exclusive and why are we so confused? Why do we feel so strongly called to both?
    And then I stumbled upon your beautiful blog, you who have actually moved to China, lived and loved these children, and are now moving forward with adoption. I don't know how God plans to use us, but thank you for sharing your family's story, it is an encouragement.


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