Pandemic Thoughts

Good morning.  How are you?  Can you hear any birds singing from where you sit today?  I find their oblivion to be comforting… birds keep singing, flowers keep blooming, weeds keep growing.  They are a little like my children, who while they understand we are staying home so that we can stay healthy and keep … More Pandemic Thoughts

She’s a Wild One

Alea winds the swing up like a top and when she lets go, Cora spins faster than my eyes can keep up and her blonde hair fans out around her in a blur.  And I think it’s exactly what the last 9 years has looked like. Yesterday was Cora’s birthday.  She’s one year short of … More She’s a Wild One

The Same Coin

Less than a 5 hour drive from my front door is another world. It’s like two sides of a coin, and I flip it back and forth in my mind, trying to understand how such differences coexist on the same flat expanse. Trying to understand why my side has always been so glittery and shiny … More The Same Coin

100 Percent American

Alea hopped in the car after school yesterday and cheerfully asked me, “Mama, what am I?  Is it true that I’m half Chinese and half Midland, Texas?” Puzzled by the question, and curious about the back-story behind it… I held back on answering and asked my own question.  “Why do you ask?”  Her answer was … More 100 Percent American