Imagine Our Surprise

So there’s this magazine called Beijing Kids. It’s an English-language magazine published in Beijing targeting expat (people living in a country other than their own, usually for work reasons) parents. It provides lots of helpful tips and tricks for raising kids in the capital of China. Imagine our surprise when a friend told us about … More Imagine Our Surprise

The Transformation

The above pictures were taken with Xiao Ai when we met her at her orphanage in July 2005.  Hard to believe she’s the same girl as Hannah Joy McKean Or rather, “Cutie Pie Hannah Punkin (Pumpkin) Joy McKean Xiao Ai Ballerina Toeshoes,” as Ms. Priss informed us was her new name on our Skype call … More The Transformation


I was really tired last night when I wrote that last post… and evidently when I’m tired, I lose the ability to count.  The papers didn’t arrive 2 years after we met Xiao Ai; it was only 1 year. Sorry.  I actually figured it out as I was laying in bed about to fall asleep. … More Correction

In His Hands

I know… it has taken me FOREVER to post the next part of this story. But finally, here it it is. If you haven’t already, first read: Part 1 – Beginnings Part 2 – Leap Before You Look Part 3 – Stepping Into a VoidPart 4 – Can’t Go Back ———————- Part 5 – In … More In His Hands