I used to watch those space movies – like Apollo 13 – and be most terrified when the astronauts were finally coming home. Were they going to make it? Were they going to burn up in the atmosphere? Reentry is full of pressure, heat, the stripping away of protective layers, fear, anticipation, and uncertainty. Image … More Reentry


She is 7 months old now. She’s giving me kisses now.  First thing in the morning, especially.  Big, open-mouthed, sloppy wet kisses.  But they are the sweetest things, and make me laugh.  It is hard to believe she is old enough to be kissing.  And she’s also old enough to coyly withhold them from daddy. … More Now.

Holy Misery

We’re moved in to our new apartment now… wrote this on the drive down, but due to spotty internet access right now, just now posting it! ———– If I founded a church, it would be called The Church of Holy Misery located at the corner of Hard Road and Difficult Way. We’d only read the … More Holy Misery

Hosea’s Wife

Sometimes I feel like I’m a girl getting ready for prom when it comes to my relationship with God. As if need to get all gussied up and ‘perfect’ before He’ll want to be seen in public with me. And fairly often, the world sees Prom-Ready Carrie. To be honest, for those who read my … More Hosea’s Wife

Nowhere but NowHere

In some ways, I’m in the same place I was four years ago. I remember the day we got on the plane to go to China. I cried giant tears, as if I’d never step foot on this land again. As if the goodbyes we were saying were forever goodbyes. I felt terrified, alone, crazy, … More Nowhere but NowHere

Just Like Her

Cora Eve – Two Weeks Photography by Amber Parker Photography More pictures on Facebook. I see myself in her. Not just in the curve of her lip or the shape of her pinkie toe, but in her flailing arms and kicking legs.  In the way she fights sleep and tries to comfort herself with her … More Just Like Her