Brave on the Inside

“You can be brave on the inside even if you aren’t brave on the outside,” she said the other night as I tucked them into bed. The profundity of her statement made me catch my breath. “What?” Little sister scrunched her nose, not nearly as impressed as I was with her big sister’s wisdom. “Don’t … More Brave on the Inside

More Life

“Life keeps leading to more life,” Rumi said. And I know it’s true even as I keep frantically grasping for something solid to hold onto. These children, growing up before my eyes. These grandparents, growing old before my eyes. These moments are like silvery fish in a mountain creek, impossible to grasp but made more … More More Life

The Only Way Through

Last year Ash Wednesday fell on Valentine’s Day, and the day was marked by a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  I wrote this reflection the next day… or maybe late that night.  I wanted to share it again because it still rings true to me on this Ash Wednesday … More The Only Way Through