Our Mask Connection

Once upon a time back in 2008, Jacob and I moved to China and met a young man named Ricky.  One of my first memories of Ricky is that he helped us buy our very first set of wheels in China.  But I have so many more memories… visiting his hometown and having his help procuring one of my very favorite possessions from a laughing old farmer on a country road; when he and his then-girlfriend-now-wife flew halfway across the country to meet our newborn daughter, his visit to meet me in Beijing a couple of years later and carrying my fussy toddler up the Great Wall, him joining us in Guangzhou when we adopted Alea so he could meet our newest daughter, and finally going on a family vacation with his sweet family in Guilin a couple of years ago…

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Way back when we were all babies and had our first baby. And liked stripes.