Disposable Masks

One of our oldest and dearest Chinese friends owns a pharmaceutical-machinery manufacturing plant in China.   In response to global demand, his business began manufacturing disposable protective masks for personal and civil use.  Given the difficulty of finding these masks these days, in early March I began connecting masks with non-profit groups, churches, and individuals wishing to donate them.

So far we’ve sourced more than 35,000 masks for distribution to frontline workers at hospitals, nursing homes, schools and small businesses!

I quickly recognized many people would like a few masks for their families, especially in light of the CDC’s recommendation that we wear masks in public.  And as we begin efforts to reopen our economy, more small businesses may need these masks for their employees.

While medical-grade PPE should be reserved for medical professionals, especially given global shortages, this is a source for high-quality, reasonably priced disposable face masks that can be used in other settings to provide adequate protection from the virus and help prevent spreading. 

You can read information on current pricing and availability here.  For personal use orders, the standard package size is 50 pieces for $30. 

I have a small number of KN95 masks as well.  You can order these by emailing me to let me know how many you want, and I will get you a final total including shipping if I’m able to fulfill your order.  KN95 Pricing: $3/each; minimum of 10.


For disposable mask orders between 50 – 250 pieces, you can fill out the form.

For disposable mask orders of 251+ pieces, please e-mail me with your request so I can give you a final quote including shipping.

If you want 2,500 pieces or more disposable masks or 1,000 pieces or more of KN95, e-mail me so I can help you explore making a direct order.